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15 things you need to know about the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres

Since we started stocking the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres last year, our mountain bike customers have gone quite literally ‘wild’ for them, and with the first few MTB comps been and gone, the tyres have continued to prove why they are so popular amongst our supported riders. But, if you still have questions before giving them a go, here are 15 things you need to know about the range.

  1. The Wild Enduro range has been formulated with every rider in mind, meaning the tyres are very versatile, suitable for all terrains and riding abilities.
  2. You’ll get maximum grip – with new Magi-X technology, these tyres benefit from great grip round corners, on both wet and dry terrains.
  3. They use an all-new tread pattern for optimum riding and improved performance.
  4. The Michelin Wild Enduro tyres fit perfectly with the Cush Core inner suspension, puncture proof inner tube. Read more about Cush Core here >>
  5. They use Gravity Shield technology making them extremely durable, ideal for those endurance comps.
  6. The range comes in 2 sizes 27.5×2.40 and 29×2.40.
  7. They are available in both Gum-X and Magi-X, with the Magi-X being the softer of the two.
  8. World Champion, Sam Hill chooses to equip his Nukeproof with Michelin Enduro tyres.
  9. They are tubeless compatible.
  10. Know the terrain you’ll be riding on? The Wild is a great ‘all rounder’, but Michelin also provides 3 other tyres in this range. Find out more about the Michelin Rock, Mud and Force tyres here.
  11. Nukeproof are now using the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres as OE (original equipment), proving once again how great they are.
  12. The Michelin Wild Enduro tyres are priced competitively.  
  13. They have been the clear frontrunners at recent mountain bike comps, both locally and nationally, with the majority of our team riders choosing to equip their bikes with the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres.
  14. Check out this video for a first look of the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres in action.
  15. The tyre range, in both front and rear is purchasable via the Endurotyres.com website with FREE next day delivery!

Why choose Enduro Tyres for your Michelin MTB tyres?

As the UK’s number 1 stockist of Michelin tyres and accessories for our motocross and Enduro dirtbike customers, we found that many riders also take part in mountain bike events across the UK and internationally, or use them for training.

We now have some great supported riders who have seen the benefits of using Enduro Tyres for their mountain bike gear. With plenty of options for every budget, whether you are a beginner or budding pro, we can kit you out!

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