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2013 Top Fives – Onboard

2013 Top Fives – Onboard

It’s hard to beat a bit of onboard action. During the course of 2013 we were lucky to mount a GoPro on some of the best enduro riders in the world. Here are the top hitters from this year…

1. Onboard – Hell’s Gate 2013 Special Test, Lars Enockl

Date: 17.02.13

Snow, ice and hard enduro. We mounted a GoPro on Lars Enockl during the morning special test at Hell’s Gate and captured some incredible action. It’s our most popular viewed ‘Onboard’ feature of 2013.


2. Onboard – Taddy Blazusiak, SuperEnduro Barcelona 2013

Date: 10.02.13

Blazusiak at his very best. Taddy show’s just how fast you can ride a SuperEnduro track during one of his hot laps around the Palau Sant Jordi stadium in Barcelona. Excellent stuff!


3. Onboard – Taddy Blazusiak EnduroCross, Boise

Date: 22.11.13

Taddy’s back in at #3 as we travel stateside for the penultimate round of the AMA EnduroCross Championship. Desperately needing a win to keep his title hopes alive, Blazusiak did exactly that in Boise. Ending Boise tied on points, the KTM rider went on to win championship two weeks later in Las Vegas.


4. Onboard – Tom Sagar EEC, Italy

Date: 28.04.13

Give Tom Sagar a mountain trail enduro test and watch him ride at his very best. Sagar delivers eight minutes and 34 seconds of astonishing riding as he barrels along the special test at the opening round of the European Enduro Championship in Italy at a seriously fast rate of knots.


5. Onboard – Matti Seistola, BSEC Rnd1

Date: 07.04.13

Take a flying lap of round one of the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship at Chavenage Farm with Matti Seistola. It’s hard to believe that he was riding a borrowed/stock Husqvarna TE250. There’s nothing factory about this setup but the rider!