27.5 and 29 Trends in MTB - Enduro Tyres

27.5 and 29 Trends in MTB

Michelin supports the new generation bikes equipped with 27.5-inch wheels (650B) and 29-inch by offering tyres for all types of terrain: Hard Packed / Mixed / Mud

In the range of premium tyres for the most demanding users MICHELIN have Wild Advanced versions

MICHELIN Wild Race’r Advanced Ultimate  29-inch Hard Packed

racer ultimate

MICHELIN Wild Grip’R Advanced  27.5 (650B) and 29-inch Advanced reinforced in 27.5 (650B) for mixed terrain


MICHELIN Wild MUD Advanced  29 inch for Muddy terrain


also for regular and sporting use

MICHELIN Wild  RACE’R 27.5 (650B) and 29-inch hard packed terrain

MICHELIN Wild Grip’R 29 inch for mixed terrain

Finally, for occasional users

MICHELIN Country Race’r 29 inch for hard packed terrain

MICHELIN Country Grip’r 29 inch for mixed terrain