5 Reasons To Choose Michelin in 2021

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5 Reasons To Choose Michelin in 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a bit of a right off, and apart from the odd practise run at your local trials none of us really

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a bit of a right off, and apart from the odd practise run at your local trials none of us really got that adrenaline thrill of a competition, whether that was moto or MTB. But 2021 is going to be different and we are so ready for it! 

So if you’re on the fence about changing up your tyres for this season, we thought we would let you know why you need Michelin in your life ASAP! 

All the top performing professional riders are using Michelin

*All* may be a bit of a stretch, but you may or may not be surprised to see how many professionals have opted for Michelin, especially when it comes to competitions and landing on that podium. Since the release of the Michelin Medium range in 2018, many riders made the jump from other tyre competitors to this tyre or the popular StarCross or Extrem tyres.

Here are just some of the pro riders you may recognise using Michelin tyres: 

  • Billy Bolt 
  • Mario Roman 
  • Alfredo Gomez
  • Manuel Lettenbichler 

The performance and science behind the tyres really is second to none 

It may not be something you’ve really thought about much before, but actually the technologies that are used within each and every tyre make a huge difference to the performance of your riding. Whether it’s one of the cheaper budget MTB tyres or the top of the range moto tyres really is some pretty impressive stuff. 

Here are just some examples: 

  • Gravity Shield Technology – You’ll find this being used on many of the popular MTB and e-Bike ranges. The high-density fiber provides additional protection from punctures and sidewall cuts. 
  • Tubeless Ready – All the Michelin MTB tyres are tubeless ready, meaning far less punctures. Plus, all the moto tyres can accommodate Michelin Bib Mousse.
  • GumX Technology – This provides extra grip and saves energy – what more could you want?

They’ve got an answer for everything 

Whether you’re looking for a tyre for your child’s first motocross bike, the latest and best downhill rubber for some insane downhill riding on your mountain bike for the weekend or a set of the most durable tyres for the Enduro World Championship, Michelin have the answer. 

With Michelin, you will also benefit from a huge range of sizes across both the MTB ranges and the moto ranges. 

The price points are hugely competitive too… especially when you compare the longevity and performance of the tyres. Really it’s a no brainer! 

They have time on their side

Did you know that Michelin was initially established in 1905? That’s over 115 years of Michelin rubber being mounted onto bikes and cars. With that amount of experience and still going strong, there’s no denying that they must know what they are doing. 

In 1983, A Michelin Radial tire won a motorcycle championship for the first time and in 2018 they clocked their 400th victory at a Moto GP World Championship.

You can learn more about Michelin’s history here

Michelin tyres paired with Bib Mousse get you on the podiums

Fact. It’s no denying that Michelin tyres get riders on podiums. You only need to look at the top performing riders and expert riders to see this. 

Bib Mousse has also been an absolute game changer for Michelin tyres and there really is nothing comparable on the market. 

Check out this video of the top 5 Michelin tyres.

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