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60 Second Update: ISDE – Day 3

60 Second Update: ISDE – Day 3
France top both the World Trophy and Junior World Trophy classes on day three as the Daniel Milner and Antoine Meo ‘overall’ battle rages on…

Everyone’s sick of the dust! If there’s one thing that unites EVERYONE in the paddock it’s a hatred of the dust, which is seriously starting to piss people off. For Antoine Meo or Daniel Milner it’s not a problem, as they’re the two riders at the front of the competition, but just about every other rider has a serious issue with it… thank god day four uses a new course. There are no big surprises at the top of the overall classification on day three.

Daniel Milner is still on the gas, and topped the day. Just. Finishing one-second ahead of Meo might not be the biggest margin of victory, but he still beat Antoine. Happy just to be riding well, and having hoped for a top five E2 class result prior to the start of the event, Milner has showed no signs of taking his foot off the gas. Make no mistake about it Antoine Meo went all-out to try and win. In fairness he very nearly did, but the Meo vs Milner fight at the top of the overall results is keeping things interesting.

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Johnny Aubert and Pela Renet are doing their bit to help the French Trophy team extend their lead, but neither has yet found what’s needed to match either Meo or Milner. Unsurprisingly France have edged further ahead in the World Trophy team competition. It looks as if Italy placed as runner-up with the US third. But we’re hearing that some riders will be getting penalties when the official results are released, we’re just not sure if they’re from the Trophy or Junior Trophy teams, or both.

In the Junior Trophy class France claimed the win, ahead of Italy and Great Britain. France extend their lead at the head of the class as the event reaches the half-way point.

Australia topped the Women’s World Trophy ahead of Canada and France.

Day three’s special tests winners were Daniel Milner, Antoine Meo, Antoine Meo, Daniel Milner, Antoine Meo, and Antoine Meo.

Day four sees riders take on a new course and new tests… yahoo!

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