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60 Second Update: ISDE Day 5

60 Second Update: ISDE Day 5
France are the 2013 World Trophy team winners! Ok, so they’ve not won yet but they’re going to. Heading into the sixth and final day more than 14 minutes ahead of second placed USA team France would have to suffer the worst luck in the history of the ISDE not to win. This may be a little premature but congratulations to Meo, Renet, Aubert, Joly, Planet and Thain…

The big news on day five was that Australia suffered yet more mechanical misfortunes. Battling tooth and nail with the United States for the runner-up result, Glenn Kearney picked up a six-minute penalty, which drops them to fourth. While the Aussies don’t have much to smile about the Italians most certainly do. Up to third there’s plenty of Italians with big smiles on their faces. With Australia fourth Spain hold fifth with Great Britain sixth.

In the Junior World Trophy it’s France who won again. Comfortably finishing ahead of Italy, the battle for the runner-up spot was a close one. Just nine seconds separated Italy from third placed Great Britain. France are pretty much assured the JT win, as they’re now close to six minutes clear of Italy.

Australia were the winner’s in the Women’s World Trophy class, and are now more than 12 minutes clear of Sweden with France third.

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Less than five seconds separated the top four Enduro 1 class riders on day five. Spain’s Lorenzo Santolino claimed the win ahead of Italian Thomas Oldrati, Spain’s Cristobal Guerrero and US rider Thad Duvall. In the overall E1 results Cristobal Guerrero remains out front, ahead of Jeremy Joly and Santolino.

Alex Salvini was the rider to beat in the Enduro 2 class, finishing 19 seconds ahead of Pela Renet with Johnny Aubert third. Despite placing fourth Daniel Milner remains in the overall lead, sitting one-minute ahead in the progressive E2 results. Behind Milner French duo Renet and Aubert hold second and third, with US rider Taylor Robert fourth.

Antoine Meo again topped the E3 class, 43 seconds ahead of Mathias Bellino. Mike brown placed third with Estonia’s Aigar Leok fourth. Meo heads into the final day more than six minutes clear of Bellino in second. Mike Brown holds third.

The special test winners on day five were Daniel Milner, Alex Salvini, Antoine Meo, Alex Salvini, Antoine Meo, Antoine Meo…