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60 Second Update – Red Bull Romaniacs, Day 4

60 Second Update – Red Bull Romaniacs, Day 4

The tenth anniversary of the Red Bull Romaniacs is in the books and it’s Graham Jarvis that’s claimed the win. Leading the way to the finish line of day four, Jarvis collected his fourth win at the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Starting first on the road, Jarvis was never headed as he cruised his way to the victory on day four and with it the 2013 Red Bull Romaniacs title.

Behind Jarvis the fight to determine the final two steps of the podium was in full swing between Alfredo Gomez, Andreas Lettenbichler and Jonny Walker.

Trying his best to claim one of the spots, Walker attacked hard from the off. Distancing himself from Lettenbichler and Gomez he actually close the gap to Jarvis as the other two struggled to find their rhythm. But after losing his way on the navigation all Walker’s efforts were in vain as Gomez and Lettenbichler closed back in.

jonny.walker romaniacs 2013 d4 1080-web

Now settled into a comfortable pace, Gomez rode with Walker to the finish line and secured the runner-up result. After a morning marred with problems due to a faulty cooling fan, Lettenbichler upped his pace after the final service check. Knowing his third position was in doubt, the German rode at maximum attack for the final 30km to beat Walker and claim the final step of the podium.

With Walker missing out on the podium for fourth, Paul Bolton maintained his excellent run of form in Sibiu and secured a fifth place result in the overall standings.

The Hemingway’s both suffered clutch problems on the final day. Ben severed his clutch line with a crash while Dan lost all fluid in his. Riding the Pro class with no clutch they both somehow made it to the finish.

ben.hemingway romaniacs 2013 C32B0382 1080-webBen earned his beer by riding without a clutch… © Lynn / Enduro21.com

As ever the finish of the Red Bull Romaniacs was spectacular. Along with facing the usual vertical hill climb, riders also had to cross a man made pond to reach the finish. About 100m long and three foot deep, competitors needed to hit the water at full speed in order to make it to the other side. Some nailed it – others got nailed!

water.splash romaniacs 2013 C32B0052 1080-webJust about now he’s realised this wasn’t the smartest idea ever… © Lynn / Enduro21.com

It wasn’t just bikes that played about in the water splash. Hooking a towline onto the back of a bike and strapping into a snowboard, some willing volunteers were surfed their way across the water. Making amends for his ill-fated attempt at cross the pond on his bike – it was rubbish – Paul Bolton strapped on the snowboard and carved a line across the water.

paul.bolton romaniacs 2013 C32B0503 1080-webBolton can ride the surf better on a board than he can on a bike… © Lynn / Enduro21.com

Not one to give in Australia’s Chris Warick was determined to ride his way to the top of the hill climb. Eventually after over 25 attempts he made it to the summit.

Spare a thought for Keyna’s Mbabu Maturi. Riding in the Hobby class and less than two hours from the finish, he crashed hard and dislocated his shoulder.

water.splash romaniacs 2013 C32B0427 1080-webFull gas, hang back and hold on… © Lynn / Enduro21.com

Results – Red Bull Romaniacs

1. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 23:46:55; 2. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) 24:32:21; 3. Andreas Lettenbichler (Husqvarna) 24:46:57; 4. Jonny Walker (KTM) 24:50:46; 5. Paul Bolton (KTM) 26:01:54…