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60 Second Update – Roof of Africa, Day Two

60 Second Update – Roof of Africa, Day Two

KTM’s Chris Birch wins day two at the Roof of Africa after a dramatic filled day of racing and rain.

It’s almost tradition every year that the Roof of Africa brings rain to Lesotho and this year is no exception. The region has been in the midst of a severe drought that came to an end just 20 minutes after the first riders left the start gates at Bushman’s Pass. In stark contrast to the sweltering conditions of day one, day two saw rain falling throughout the day making conditions even more challenging for the world best hard enduro athletes.

With the proverbial blanket covering the top 10 riders, the lead was chopping and changing throughout the morning with navigation becoming a critical factor in the day’s outcome.

roof africa ROA2013 9321

Shortly before the 1st DSP, a wrong turn by Graham Jarvis and Birch, had the Gudzeit brothers Jade and Blake leading the field but by the time they reached the DSP it was South African James Hodson who arrived first, followed closely by Jarvis and Scott Bouverie.

Kenny Gilbert and Ben Hemingway were locked in battle for a top five position while Blake Gudzeit had to leave his brother Jade, who was suffering from a clutch problem, at the foot of the last climb before the service point.

Chris Birch was sitting in seventh spot leaving the DSP, but made short work of the riders in front of him and pushed to the front of the field. Still battling with navigational issues the Birch and Jarvis missed the 2nd DSP, but charged ahead for a dramatic finish at the top of Bushman’s Pass.

graham.jarvis ROA2013 9087

Birch caught Jarvis at the top of the Mountain and bombed past the Englishman for one of the most exciting finishes in the races history.

Reigning champion Wade Young was forced to retire after seizing his motor, while last year’s runner up, Altus De Wet also suffered issues and dropped out of the top 10.

Tonight will be a busy one for the Clerk Course as there are a host of appeals to consider this evening.

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Roof of Africa Hard Enduro
 Provisional Results – Day Two

1, Chris Birch, New Zealand KTM 06:11:47

2, Graham Jarvis, UK, Husqvarna 06:12:33

3, Ben Hemingway, UK, Beta 06:15:12

4, Blake Gutzeit, South Africa Sherco 06:20:02

5, James Hodson, South Africa, Yamaha 06:22:49

6, Dan Hemingway U.K Beta, 06:23:35

7, Shannon Frost KTM 06:26:42

8, Kenny Gilbert Yamaha 06:27:50

9. Scott Bouverie, South Africa, KTM 06:28:46

10, Bronson Louw Yamaha 06:29:29

11, Altus De Wet, South Africa, Husqvarna 06:30:09

12, Wynand Badenhorst, South Africa, KTM 06:31:21