60 Second update – SuperEnduro, Spain - Enduro Tyres

60 Second update – SuperEnduro, Spain

60 Second update – SuperEnduro, Spain
The big news here in Barcelona is that Knighter’s on a two-stroke… and so is Ivan Cervantes. Needing to do all he can if he’s to stop Taddy Blazusiak extending his lead at the top of the championship standings, Knight has opted to race a two-stroke to see if it’ll give him any kind of advantage.

“I’ve got to try something,” commented DK after practice. “I feel good on the bike, but the track is really slick in places, and the long rock section is going to catch some riders out, no doubt of that. There’s some new sections to the track so it should be some good racing.”

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The track is essentially the same as it has been in previous years in Barcelona, and is shares the stadium floor with the X-Trial World Championship. The trials guys are moaning like hell because two of their sections have had a proppa soaking (shouldn’t have put them so close to the water section if you didn’t want them to get wet!).

All the usual names looked good in practice, with Knight, Taddy and Walker leading the way during their practice group. Now the track’s settled down a little it’s clear that getting a good start will be massively important. Hard pack most of the way around the course, where it’s wet – which is a lot of it – it’s like ice. Let’s see if DK’s gamble pays off.

Alfredo Gomez is racing, and looking good, despite his Appendix operation last week.