Michelin BIB Mousse 18, M14 – LARGE

This is the IMPROVED LARGER M14 Michelin Bib Mousse specially made for the new Michelin Medium 140 Enduro tyre. 

Please note that this Bib Mousse does NOT fit the older generation Enduro Comp tyres. Michelin have SPECIFICALLY designed this mousse to give a perfect fit in a Michelin Medium 140/80/18 and refuse to effect its performance by compromising its design to fit other brands of tyre.

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Enduro 2018 Range

New Enduro Tyres The new Michelin Enduro tyres were publicly launched at the 2017 ISDE in Brive, France. They replace the benchmark best selling Michelin FIM Comp 3, 4 and 6 tyres. The new range has taken 4 years of extensive testing and is not something that has been rushed. Here at Endurotyres, our long [...]