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At Endurotyres.com we supply most of the major UK MX / Enduro/ Trial, and Adventure riders with Michelin tyres and products. Our staff have years of motorsport knowledge and can advise you on what tyres will be best for your particular needs. As a Michelin certified centre, we are in daily contact with Michelin staff and can advise on any technical matter.

Lewis riding Motorcross bike

Any experienced rider will tell you, suspension set up and quality tyres are the key to getting the most out of your off road bike, whether its championship points you’re chasing or simply riding with friends.

After spending a considerable sum, on your bike, riding kit, fuels, entry fees etc. why settle for second best on tyres for the sake of often only a few pounds?

Michelin is the most iconic tyre manufacturer in the world, and they dominate the off road tyre sector in Trials, Enduro, MX, Trail /Rally, and Cross Country.

We offer a next day Courier service, or better still you can call in, have a coffee and we will happily show you through the various different options in our dedicated Michelin Off road tyre bay.

We’re located at Stephenson Park, Flixton, Scarborough YO11 3UD. Contact us on tel 01723 344782 or email office@endurotyres.com.

Lewis mid jump on moto bike