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Alex Salvini – “My thumb is swollen like a balloon”

Alex Salvini – “My thumb is swollen like a balloon”

As the defending Enduro 2 champion, Alex Salvini should be eager for the 2014 Enduro World Championship to begin. Instead he’s somewhat tentative. Not because he’s got three of the world’s best enduro riders hunting him down but because he’s hurting.

Injury is always a riders worst fear but a broken thumb just 20 days before the GP of Catalunya is Salvini’s worst nightmare.

“It sucks,” told Salvini just hours before Friday’s SuperTest. “I’m in pain. I haven’t ridden a bike in 20 days and when I tried to ride the test track it was difficult.

“My injury should take 40 days to heal properly and I’m trying to do it in 20 – but I’ve got to try.”

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Getting to the root of the problem, Alex explained that he hurt himself during training prior to the opening round of Italian Enduro Championship at the beginning of March. Thinking nothing of it he raced – and won – in Italy but the pain didn’t go away. Deciding to get it checked out, X-rays showed the bone broken in three places and a damaged ligament. Surgery quickly followed to repair the damage.

“It’s annoying because I didn’t even crash – I just twisted it badly. Once I saw what was wrong surgeons wired the bone together. My thumb is still swollen up like a balloon but I have a brace to wear – hopefully that will get me through the weekend.

“This race is a salvage mission for me – try to finish and not lose many points in the championship. I’ll give it my best shot.”

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