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Anakee Adventure tyres: benefits of choosing Michelin Adventure bike tyres over similar ranges and brands

Since their release earlier in the year, the Anakee Adventure tyres have become a firm favourite amongst riders looking for Michelin adventure bike tyres. Our MD, Alan Ranger even took a trip to Scotland to give them a go, you can read his full review of the tyres here >>.

But if you haven’t yet branched out, and are still reordering your go-to ‘safe’ tyres that you’ve been using for many years now, then why make the change? In this article, we’ve caught up with some other adventure riders to hear their thoughts on the tyres and also delved deeper into the benefits of this range.

Key features of the Anakee Adventure range

  • Versatile – the 80/20 design allows you to get off the beaten track as well as enjoy a comfy and easy road ride.
  • Perfected tread design – a completely new tread design has been developed which is, in our opinion a game-changer for this range.
  • Insane grip – we’re not just talking about on dry roads, but this tyre grips to almost anything; wet, sand, snow, rocks… you name it!
  • Optimised maneuverability and new compound for high-speed road riding – due to the new profile of the range.
  • Less noise – thanks to the special design of the front tyres, there is reduced noise performance when compared to previous models.

The Anakee Adventure tyres are now being used as OE on the BMW 1250 GS and Moto Guzzi V85 too!

So the big question, how many miles will I actually get out of the Anakee Adventure tyres?

There is not one single answer to this question, as it is dependent on if you use the tyre for more off road or on road.

On the road…

The Anakee Adventure tyres are for 80% road use, and the majority of people we talk to that opt for this range aren’t heading to the trails that often, but need that option when they are.

The Anakee Adventure tyres excel on the road in all conditions, and where many people find a problem occurs with their tyres when it comes to wet weather, this isn’t the case when using the Anakee Adventures. The design of the tread has an optimised void ratio at all angles of lean allowing for improved balance between wear, stability and handling.

Off road…

Riding on trails with a predominantly road tyre installed can, for many, raise alarm bells. But with a fully grooved tread design and no central rubber strip, the tyres perform exceptionally off road too, providing extreme traction when you need it the most.

This traction allows you to be completely confident when skidding into a turn or manoeuvring around a tricky corner, all of a sudden you won’t even notice you are riding a large bike.

Is the price right?

Whilst the price of these tyres are on the higher end, their longevity smashes the competition out of the park, making them totally worth the price tag.

The front Anakee Adventure tyres start from £94 and the rear starts from £119. View the full Adventure range here >>.

Why Michelin?

We’ve tried our fair share of tyre brands, and whilst the likes of Pirelli, Mitas and Metzeler certainly give up a good game, personally, Michelin always comes out as the front runner. As the 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the world, it’s their research, design and testing that pips them to the post.

They listen to the feedback of their riders, and each and every new range that is released seems to keep those comments at the forefront, allowing Michelin to continuously come out on top.

Michelin sees gaps in the market before anyone even realises there’s a gap there, and all of a sudden, you have a new tyre that you can’t believe you didn’t have available for previous rides. Trust us, when you join #TeamMichelin, you won’t look back!

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