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Michelin Anakee Wild Tyres

Here at Enduro Tyres, we stock the full Michelin Anakee Wild range from Michelin. These tyres are designed for dual purpose, on and off-road riding.

Ideally suited for big trail bikes, the Michelin Anakee Wild tyres perform well on sustained road usage, as well as on stony and muddy tracks. Versatile and adaptable to varied climates, with Anakee on your bike you can easily and comfortably go from tarmac to off-road. Read our blog on the range here.

The Michelin Anakee Wild range benefits from:


Increase Stability

Due to staggered shoulder blocks positioned to assist when exiting ruts


Reduced Mud Clogging

Due to the teeth line either side of the blocks


Minimised Stone Holding

Due to the technical tread pattern

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The Michelin Anakee Wild is not a racer’s tyre, but it is perfect for riders who are seeking adventure either solo or with a passenger!