Banovallum Mcc The Dick Woolsey Trial - Enduro Tyres

Banovallum Mcc The Dick Woolsey Trial

On a bright Sunday morning in the Lincolnshire Wolds at Withcall Banovallum Mcc held The Dick Woolsey Trial. On the hard route Jono Blount was the winner with 51 dabs to Adam Frith’s 53. on the middle route it was Guy Bradley taking the win over Chris Traves by 4 marks with Guy dropping 48. It was a excellent ride by John Hamblin with just a single dab that won the white route to Mick Grant and Bob Chapman in equal 2nd on 6 dabs.


A big thanks goes to the course plotters,observers and officials for there help and thanks to the land owner for the use of the venue.


Our next trial is The Bob Rafferty Memorial Trial at North Ormsby on Sunday 16th November.

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