Straight off the back of the Red Bull Romaniacs, extreme enduro headed north to Sweden and the Battle of the Vikings. Acting as round three of the European Extreme Enduro Championship, the race threw out a few surprises…

Images: Denis Gunther /

Jonny Walker

Walker made short work of the Battle of Vikings. On a roll from his Red Bull Romaniacs win less than seven days earlier, Walker dominated the event by taking home both the prologue and main race wins. Life’s good right now for Walker – he’s beginning to believe he can win every race he shows up to. And for his closest rivals that can be a dangerous thing!

Hot, Hot, Hot

It was hot in Sweden – seriously hot. Extreme enduro is tough enough but chuck in 30 plus degree heat and the best in the world were left sweating it out. The added heat also left conditions pretty dry. With riders battling both dust and blazing sun, the four-hour Battle of Vikings was tougher than most expected.

Joakim Ljunggren

Living just 30 minutes down the road, defending champion Joakim Ljunggren had the hopes of a local win resting on his shoulders. But with Walker, Jarvis, Bolton all making the trip to Sweden, the EWC regular knew winning was going to be a big ask. But home support can do wonders for morale and Ljunggren delivered a result to be proud of by splitting Walker and Jarvis for second. Excellent effort!

Ski Slope

A ski slope in the winter, extreme enduro in the summer, the Battle of Vikings venue had plenty of hills to play on. Unfortunately for the riders they had to go up most of them and not down!

Graham Jarvis

Battling the heat, dust and a dodgy stomach left Graham in a disappointing seventh after the prologue. Starting 70 seconds behind Walker for the main race, Jarvis reached third by the end of lap one but by that stage Walker and Ljunggren were too far in front.

Rock Garden

There were plenty of hills in Sweden but there were even more rocks to deal with. Here, Paul Bolton fights his way around them to finish fourth.