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A guide to off road biking for beginners

With the amount of experience behind our team, EnduroTyres.com definitely knows what it takes to get a beginner to the top of their game. Off road riding takes determination, strength and a good understanding of the sport.

When it comes to thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, pushing your motocross skills could be top of the list, or maybe you know someone who is keen to jump on an Enduro bike?

Our guide to off road biking for beginners looks at the key elements you will require to start a hobby (or career) in this challenging sport, from equipment, to mental attitude and physical ability. Can you hack it?

All the gear, no idea?

Decent equipment is key to being an MX rider and scrimping is not the answer. If you are serious about getting started and happy to spend some money, you will want the following:

Clothing –

Strong and sturdy clothing is vital when you start this sport. The standard gear you will need includes a  ACU stamped helmet, MX boots, goggles, gloves, body armour and perhaps knee and neck braces.

A bike (obviously) –

They say it’s best to be under biked than over biked, particularly when your starting out and learning. Most of the manufacturers have try out days, so you can test the whole range of bikes out and see what you feel comfortable with.

The right tyres

There are hundreds of tyres you could pick, so making sure you pick the right ones is very important, it will depend on the bike you ride, the type of riding you want to do and the size of the rider, regardless, we stock a range of Michelin tyres to suit all riders. Take a look at our shop to browse the ranges available or get in contact with us if you are ensure. Alternatively, if you are getting a gift for someone to start there newly acquired hobby, purchase a gift voucher!  

Tyre accessories to match –

Having the correct bike and tyres is just the start, there are a range of accessories, some a necessity and some that will just make your life a lot easier. A decent set of tyre levers these could include; Bib Mousse (or inner tube alternative), a Rabaconda tyre changer (a life changer for MX riders), a service kit & even tyre slime.  

Are you ready for the adrenaline rush?

Motocross is not for the fainthearted, you need to be someone who is ready to take on this adrenaline pumping, fast paced sport. If you go into MX at a competitive level you need to expect long days, a lot of travelling and a lot of practice, as well as some falls and failures just to dampen your spirits… but trust us when we say it’s worth it!  

Can’t wait to get started?

We are looking forward to helping you start your off road biking for beginners journey. Ensuring that this sport is something you are happy to dedicate your time to is a good first step to take, there are many events that go on throughout the year which will give you a taste of the sport, many of which are without too much initial involvement and costs involved. We are very close to Cusses Gorse MX track nr Amesbury Wiltshire and Rogershill Raceway is only a 40 minute drive.

Take a look at the upcoming MX events in the back pages of the weekly TMX newspaper .

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