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What is the best Dirt Bike tyre for my next event?

Choosing the best dirt bike tyre for your needs

Dirt bike tyres are used in a wide variety of situations, Michelin produce tyres that can be used in all sorts of off-road riding.

With such vast choice it can be tricky to choose the best dirt bike tyre that’s suited to your off-roading requirements, at Endurotyres we will always offer you advice and suggest which tyre we think will give you the best riding experience. Below we summarise the events and conditions that each Michelin tyre range is designed to perform at their optimum.

Enduro Comp

The Michelin Enduro Comp range are versatile tyres. The Enduro Comp 3 rear is very effective and is the best dirt bike tyre choice for forest type enduro, couple this with the Comp 6 front and this is the ultimate set-up for UK Enduro. For extreme type events, Comp 6 rear is often chosen as it is fantastic on rocks due to softer sidewalls, couple with a soft BIB-mousse and two rim locks to give a combination that is well proven in events both home and abroad. All Michelin Comps are UK road legal and approved for FIM events, most UK Timecard event organisers stipulate FIM Tyre in event regulations.

Michelin BIB-Mousse: All Michelin tyres (apart from Trial Comp & MX Junior) benefit from being fitted with BIB-mousse, providing the rider with excellent puncture protection. A range of BIB-mousse are available to fit different tyre sizes. Please see our tyre chart for fitment options.”

Cross Country Hare + Hound

Deep tread blocks on Michelin Cross Country Hare + Hound tyres give them excellent grip. This increased grip means any bikes equipped with these tyres are ideally suited to perform in muddy and sandy surfaced events but are not road legal. For some events, particularly those that feature rocks or tree roots, then an Enduro Comp could possibly be the better option.

Desert Race

The Michelin Desert Race tyres have been designed for Rally Raid uses and are perfect for adventure riders. They are heavy duty, road legal and extremely robust and so are well suited to bigger bikes with the rounded profile allowing higher speeds to be reached. These are particularly good for dry hardpack surfaces and Trail riding in warm climates, however in the UK on Big Bike type events, we would suggest conventional Enduro Comps.

Green Lane/Trail

AC-10 tyres have lasting performance and are outstanding value for their price. The Michelin AC-10 Lane range are the best dirt bike tyre suited to gentle Enduro and trail use as well as for motocross practice because they have excellent traction on any terrain with the benefit of being UK road legal. AC-10 front is ideal in very hardpack conditions, but in the UK we would recommend using Enduro Comp up front and AC-10 at the rear.

Trial Comp

Regarded as the best trial tyre available, the lightweight Michelin Trial X11 and X light Comp ranges allow for sideways manoeuvring and jumping. Rear tyres are tubeless but with thick sidewalls they provide improved tubeless puncture protection meaning they can overcome any obstacle. Trial Comp fronts are a tubed tyre and we stock a lightweight specific 21 Trial inner tube for this tyre. All are UK road legal.

MX Starcross 5

The new Starcross 5 has been well received by both factory teams and club riders. Michelin technicians have developed dual compounds to give easier and quicker handling. These tyres are adapted to all terrains and come in all sizes with sand / soft / medium / hard options, allowing riders to change a tyre throughout the day as the track surface and conditions alter.

MX Junior

The full range of Michelin sizes are available so the little guys on Youth / Mini bikes can achieve the same level of grip and confidence that Adult bike riders enjoy.

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