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Choosing The Best Enduro Dirt Bike Tyres

From Hare scrambling through the forest, to ripping over muddy jumps on your local dirt track, enduro riding takes place in a wide variety of environments. As an enduro rider, you will be challenged to perform on diverse trails, from paved country roads to rugged natural terrain. To maximise performance and your enjoyment, it’s crucial that you’re equipped with the best enduro tyres for your dirt bike and the conditions.

Whether you’re riding this year’s ISDE in Chile, or taking part in a woodland event in England, you need tyres that suit your riding style and will last you longer than a race tyre will.

We are often asked, which are the best tyres for enduro riding? With such a wide range of off road tyres available, it can be confusing. In this article, we pick out the best dirt bike tyres for various types of enduro riding and highlight why you should consider them.

Best tyres for green lane trail riding

Michelin AC10’s

We firmly believe that Michelin’s AC-10 Green Lane tyres are quite simply the best dirt bike tyres for gentle Enduro and trail riding. Offering excellent traction, AC-10 tyres are road legal in the UK, making them ideal for green lane riding. The AC-10 tyres deliver lasting performance and we believe they are outstanding value for money.

What makes Michelin AC10’s one of the best tyres for green lane riding?

  • Great on trails and road legal, Michelin AC-10’s are ideal for riders that are mostly off-road but also require the capability to ride on-road too.
  • Hardwearing.
  • Affordable.
  • Provide long-lasting performance.
  • Wide range of options, including on-road and off-road, and available in a range of sizes to suit the rider’s bike including 100/100 for 125cc, 110/100 for 250cc and 120/90 for 250cc+.

Best tyres for adventure riders and extreme terrains

Michelin Anakee Wild

Michelin’s Anakee Wild tyres are ideally suited for adventure riders, as they offer great performance with sustained road use but also perform well on stony and muddy tracks.

“This is not a racers tyre, but it is perfect for riders who are seeking adventure either solo or with a passenger!”

What makes the Michelin Anakee range one of the best tyres for adventure riders?

  • Multipurpose tyres, available in both front and rear.
  • Suited to bigger bikes, with higher capacity for one or two people.
  • Performs well with sustained road use and on off-road trails.
  • Adaptable to varied climates.
  • Allow riders to comfortably go from tarmac to off-road.

You can learn more in our spotlight on Anakee Wild guide or browse our Michelin Anakee Wild tyres range now!

Best tyres for dirt track riding

Michelin Enduro mediums

Michelin Enduro 2018 Medium tyres are our go-to dirt bike tyres for local track riding. The Medium’s are designed for soft terrains, such as sand or grass, or firm terrain, making them incredibly versatile and a great choice for riding the changing conditions at your local dirt track.

What makes Michelin Enduro mediums one of the best tyres for dirt track riding?

  • Increased performance, compared to the Comp 3 tyres they replaced, providing great grip, longevity and they are widely compatible with a range of big-mousse.
  • Versatile, great for racing and as motorcycle trail tyres.
  • Increased grip and cushioning, Michelin have worked hard to develop the tread block, resulting in better cornering, increased grip and harder-wearing.
  • Perfect for experts and pro Enduro riders.

“I was asked to test the new tyres in wet forest conditions directly against the existing Comp 6 front and Comp 3 rear, within minutes I had noticed a huge improvement in the stopping distance” – Daryl Bolter – Husqvarna UK / Husky-Sport

Browse our Michelin Enduro medium tyres range now!

Best dirt bike tyres for changing conditions and all-terrain riding

Michelin MX Starcross 5

If you’re looking for the best all-terrain dirt bike tyres, the Michelin MX Starcross 5 range is a great choice. Michelin technicians worked hard to develop a dual compound tyre which provides easier and quicker handling, making the tyres a suitable choice for newer riders.

Starcross 5 is an MX tyre which is adapted to all terrain types. With a wide range of options, riders can change tyres throughout the day as the track surface and weather conditions change. With such a wide choice of options, riders can also choose an exact tyre to suit their riding style. The “18” version is ideally suited to non-FIM events.

What makes Michelin MX Starcross 5 one of the best tyres for changing conditions?

  • Huge choice of options, so you can choose an exact tyre that matches your riding style and the conditions.
  • New technologies, enable easier and quicker handling, making them suitable for less experienced riders.
  • Great for hare and hound sprint events, that don’t require an FIM tyre.
  • Available in Starcross junior tyres, making the range a great choice for young riders.

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Need help with choosing the best enduro dirt bike tyres for you?

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