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What are the best off road motorcycle tyres?

Choosing off road motorcycle tyres

When it comes to choosing off road motorcycle tyres, there is quite the variety to select from. All sorts of motorcycle tyres have been developed to perform best in varying conditions or on particular surfaces.

From enduro tyres that work well on varied terrain and slower extreme type going, to heavy duty desert race tyres with a rounded profile to help achieve higher speeds. There’s also the Michelin Starcross 5 series which has taken MX by storm and the super sticky Michelin X11 and X light Comp trial tyres. This enormous variety available means there are off road tyres to suit every need.

When presented with all the options it may be quite overwhelming, the best off road motorcycle tyres for you ultimately depends on what sort of riding you participate in.


“We choose Michelin motorcycle tyres”

As a Michelin certified centre warehouse, we stock every off road motorcycle tyre, Bib Mousse and inner tube that Michelin makes, and can get these couriered to you next day in mainland UK.

Whilst the other brands make tyres that we would be happy to ride on, Michelin will always be the number one choice for off road motorcycle tyres and the best seller in all categories Their quality across all types of discipline is unrivalled and they are great value tyres that last.

If you are unsure what tyres would be best for your type of riding, speak to one of our experienced team for advice. Call us today on 01723 344782.

Accessories for off road motorcycle tyres

Although your tyres are of critical importance, there are further parts and additions that can enhance your riding experience. Take a browse around our website and check out our accessories that include:

  • Rabaconda – the number one rapid tyre changer that’s chosen by factory teams across the world.
  • Michelin Bib mousse – protect yourself from punctures by investing in foam bib-mousse, often copied but never beaten on performance or reliability.
  • Michelin mousse gel – to prevent friction and ensure long life of you bib mousse, apply Michelin mousse gel before fitting.

Browse our motorcycle tyres online and if you require any assistance determining what off road motorcycle tyres would be best for you, contact our off road tyres specialists on 01723 344782.