Bike Prep - Jonny Walker’s KTM 300 EXC - Enduro Tyres

Bike Prep – Jonny Walker’s KTM 300 EXC

Bike Prep - Jonny Walker’s KTM 300 EXC

Hard Enduro is demanding on both rider and machine so proper bike maintenance is essential in making it to the finish line of every race. Regardless whether you have the skills of Jonny Walker or not, having a bike underneath you that can go the distance will become the deciding factor in whether you win or lose.

Julian Stevens is one of the best mechanics in the business. And Jonny Walker’s KTM 300 EXC is his pride and joy. This is how he has prepared it for the Red Bull Sea to Sky…

Pre Race Preparation

“The Red Bull Romaniacs was tough on the bike. After the race I stripped it down and washed it thoroughly. For me, this is the most important part of the preparation – finding out what needs replacing. It’s no good realising something’s broke on race day so take a close look at everything. Chain, sprockets, exhaust pipe, plastics, graphics, tyres and mooses were all replaced. The suspension – front and rear – was serviced along with fresh fluid in the brakes lines. Engine wise I replaced the clutch, changed the oil and cleaned up the starter motor. The piston was fine – she’s still running sweet.”

jonny.walker red-bull 1080-01


“The Red Bull Sea to Sky is unique in that we have three very different races – Beach Race, Forest Race and Mountain Race. For the Beach Race everything gets stiffened up to take a pounding in the soft sand. For the Mountain Race we go in the opposite direction and wind the clickers off to tackle the mountain and everything it throws at us.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 06


“An electric start is essential for Hard Enduro so it’s serviced regularly to keep it running sweet. Aside from an S3 cylinder head the motor is pretty much standard. The S3 cylinder head allows us to change compression ratios depending on the terrain. The gearbox is of a closer ratio. Jonny prefers the stock EXC exhaust to the SX one.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 1080 03

Foot Pegs

“The last thing we can afford to break is a foot peg. These Raptor titanium ones are the best in the business. They’re light, durable and can take a beating. The hole prevents them from clogging up with mud. They are also set lower and further back to compensate for Jonny’s height.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 07


“For the Beach Race we run the carburetion richer to allow for the high revving stresses caused by the deep sand. The Mountain Race is more of a compromise. We run leaner jetting because the change in altitude tends to run make it run richer. However, the engine is also getting hotter so it naturally leans itself out again – it can be a bit of a balancing act to get right.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 1080 02


“I do my best to protect as many parts as possible. The rear guard is aluminium and made by Enduro Engineering. A carbon fibre cover protects the front disc and for the Red Bull Sea to Sky I’ll run a carbon fibre Akrapovic sump guard.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 08

Pull Straps

“At some stage during the race the rider may need a helping hand. Pull straps front and rear do the trick.”

jonny.walker bikeprep 1080 05


“Hand guards are essential in this sport. Jonny runs a slow action throttle tube to give him more throttle control in the harder sections. It is aluminium – not plastic – so it won’t get easily damaged. On the left hand side sits the dual ignition map switch and the GPS mount. If it’s foggy he’ll need the GPS to find his way over the mountaintop. I also slip a few cable ties behind his bar pad. They are easy got in case of emergency. After that the rest is up to him!”

jonny.walker bikeprep 09

The Red Bull Sea to Sky takes place in Kemer, Turkey from September 27-29. will be there to cover the action…