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Blazusiak – “I thought the championship was gone”

Blazusiak – “I thought the championship was gone”

At the end of one of the most dramatic AMA Endurocross races ever, KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak secured the result he needed – finishing in front of team mate Mike Brown – to claim a fifth consecutive AMA Endurocross championship.

“That was the most important fifth place result of my career,” confirmed Blazusiak at the end of the race. “It was a horrible race, but I did what I needed to do and I got the championship.

“The final was the longest, hardest, slowest final I’ve ever ridden, but like I said I got the result I needed and it feels great to have turned around what was a tough season and win a fifth Endurocross title.”

Needing only to beat team-mate Mike Brown, irrespective of position, to secure a record breaking fifth straight title Taddy endured arguably the most eventful Endurocross race of his career. Falling during the opening lap in the torturous lop pile section, Blazusiak’s bike became trapped underneath two other bikes, which allowed Brown, who’d earlier made a mistake, to draw level once again.

“Once the gate dropped I don’t even want to remember what happened during the opening laps of the race,” continued Taddy. “I was out of the first few corners in the lead and I should have been gone, but I made a mistake entering the log pile and that almost ended my race.

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“I was trying to walk my bike out when I slipped and fell again, then other riders fell on top of me. I honestly thought it was over, that the championship was gone. Then I saw Browny beside me so I knew I had it all to do again. I managed to get back in front, and that was all I was looking to do.

Thankfully, despite several more mistakes Taddy managed to get ahead once again and in finishing the race fifth he claimed the 2013 Endurocross title, his fifth consecutive AMA championship.

“I didn’t want to race with anyone – just stay ahead of Browny. But I was making mistakes, stalling my bike, and just making things such hard work. But finally it was Mike that made the big mistake and I got the championship.

“It’s been a long, hard season, but winning the title again makes it so worthwhile. My team and my mechanic have been great, working hard to get this championship won. Being a five-time Endurocross champion means so, so much.”