Blog: David Knight – “Liverpool’s my first big race…” - Enduro Tyres

Blog: David Knight – “Liverpool’s my first big race…”

Blog: David Knight – “Liverpool’s my first big race…”
All roads lead to Liverpool on November 17th for newly signed Sherco racer David Knight. Focusing solely on the upcoming SuperEnduro series, as well as Hard Enduro events in 2014, Knighter’s going to be a busy man during the coming weeks and months. Read what DK has to say about his decision to join Sherco, racing ‘close to home’, and his retirement from the EWC…

“When I first rode the Sherco it felt incredibly good – my first impression was very good, on both the two-stroke and the four-stroke. Also the quality of the parts is really good – using parts I like, such as WP suspension with a linkage, and Brembo brakes. Also Sherco is a small company with very enthusiastic people, like KTM used to be when I first joined – a nice family atmosphere.”

“I was very happy to stay on Honda, but for extreme races I needed a two-stroke bike that I can turn up in, say, America or Australia, put some handlebars on and race. Honda doesn’t make a two-stroke and it’s a very big company so it’s not always easy to find a bike. With Sherco this is possible.” 

“I may do one or two smaller races before the SuperEnduro opener, but Liverpool will be my first big race on Sherco. I’m busy testing but at the moment I think I’ll race the 300cc four-stroke – I fell in love with the bike straight away and for indoors it plenty powerful enough, even for a big guy like me!”

“I know I can be competitive. I’m not racing just to make up the numbers – I know I can win. Taddy will be strong, but I beat him a few races last season and didn’t train so much and hadn’t ridden indoors for five years. This year I will focus a lot more on SuperEnduro. My speed is very good, I just need to be able to stay fast for 12 laps.”

“I’m in the process of building a new SuperEnduro training track now. I’ve also started riding a little on my old SuperEnduro track. Liverpool is an event I’m really looking forward to – it’s not often I get to race in front of a British crowd. It’s as close to the Isle of Man as we will ever get so it will be good. I’m looking forward to racing in front of local fans and it will make me stronger than ever.”

“The only thing I’m really thinking about now is the Liverpool event, and making sure everything is ready. Being on a new bike I need some time to adjust, and then get it set-up perfectly. As far as my future goes, I’ll take it one year at a time. I have a family now and as long as I enjoy it and can make a living I will continue. SuperEnduro is great fun and takes up less time so hopefully I can continue competing it for many years to come…”