Ever wondered what goes into the production of Red Bull’s daily highlights? Wonder no more…

Hi, I’m Josh Bloom, one of the producers working with the Red Bull TV team. We make all the hard enduro clips and shows you see on

Our efforts on site is divided into two main products – the daily short highlights, which I make and voice, and the longer 26-minute TV show that goes to Red Bull TV (handled by our friends Throttle Entertainment).

It’s a fun job, but it’s tiring, and involves a lot of thinking on your feet. But we get to travel to all the races, so I’m not complaining!

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An average day for me starts at around 11am (we are usually going in bed around 3am), when we come into our production office – which is usually the largest room we can commandeer nearest to the paddock. In Romania we have taken over Martin Freinanmetz’s flat! Now it’s kitted out with edit suites and servers that ensure we can make the clips as quickly as possible.

Then we check in with how the race is progressing. Sadly for us, we don’t see much racing – we’re needed at base, and sleep through most the racing. But within a few hours of us going to bed the camera boys are up to begin their day – led by our awesome DOP (Director of Photography) Kenny. They make sure we have the shots we need to tell the stories of the day.

My editor and I will already have a good idea of what we are going to make in terms of features, which we can start working on. I also start scripting the rough outline of how I want the clip to look.

Our work is dependant on the arrival of memory cards. We have runners on track biking the cameramen’s footage back to base as soon as we can. Then our technical team can begin ingesting the footage to the server – then we are in business!

All the time, stories and new times and new footage is coming in, and my script changes and develops hour to hour.

We also have the odd rider pop in to check their GoPro footage!

There’s usually a lot of content to get through – tagging and searching for killer shots takes up a lot of our time.

Me and my editor are always discussing if we have the right blend of music and shots. Does it move to slowly? Have we not got enough riding shots? Is it over or under scripted?

Once we are happy – we put the VO (Voice Over) down. This is often a challenge – we had to put a duvet over my head this year to stop any echoing!

Then it’s off to the guys at – it’s usually online around 3am – and off to bed to do it all again tomorrow!

Make sure you check out the fruit of our labours on and Red Bull TV!