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BMX race tyres – what you need to know…

There is definitely an art to BMX racing, but some of that art comes down to the equipment you’re using, and one thing that stands out against the rest, is how much your performance will improve with the right tyres

So let’s start with the basics, what is BMX racing?

BMX racing actually stems from the world of motocross, (which is one of the reasons we’re such fans of the sport) and much like motocross competitions, there are quite a few rules that the riders have to follow.  

BMX racing takes place on purpose-built off-road single-lap race tracks. In 2008, it became an official Olympic sport, and you would have seen team GB recently win gold for both the men and women comps.

Surely any BMX race tyres will do the job? 

Wrong… specific BMX race tyres have a different compound to standard BMX tyres. 

Michelin BMX race tyres, in particular, are built with the following in mind: 

Extremely Lightweight

The central tread of the Michelin Pilot SX Slick as well as the design of the side studs preserves the momentum.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Ready technology reduces rolling resistance for optimum performance.

Excellent durability

The tyre features a robust three-layer 60 TPI casing to resist damage, improve durability and cope with tyre pressures of up to 5 bars.

Michelin has actually launched 2 types of BMX race tyres, one more specifically suited to spring/ summer and one that is more suited for autumn/ winter conditions. 

Did you know… 

4th place Tokyo 2020 winner Sylvain Andre was using Michelin BMX tyres during his Olympic BMX races and he’s a world champion… so Michelin must be worth it! 

The best BMX racing tracks

There are BMX tracks scattered all over the UK and all are very accommodating to newcomers. In the south where we’re based, our favourites are Andover Raceway, Bournemouth BMX and Gosport BMX

The indoor track at the national cycling centre in Manchester is arguably the most impressive in the country and is where our current (and no-doubt future) Olympic champions train all year round.

Get your hands on the best BMX race tyres!

Here at Endurotyres HQ, we stock both Michelin BMX tyres, the Michelin Pilot SX and the SX Slick, each of these tyres provide exceptional performance, and for us, we wouldn’t choose any other tyres to race on! 

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