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In 2018, we started to introduce various mountain bike ranges to our online shop, this is when we were introduced to CushCore, and our team riders haven’t looked back since, ask them at any event and they won’t ride without it now.

What is CushCore?

CushCore is a brand new tyre suspension system that acts as a damper in your tyre, providing the ideal amount of spring and damper. The foam insert is effective by allowing air within the tyre to act together as a spring and damper effectively creating you an Inner-Tire Suspension System®. Ultimately it protects the rim from being damaged and prevents “Burps” from the tubeless tyre set up.

CushCore tyre suspension system logo
Tim Ponting using the CushCore system

What our riders say…

Lewis Ranger has recently been using the CushCore technology at local mountain bike competitions.

“CushCore totally changes the feel of your bike. It does a brilliant job of protecting your rim and allowing you to run lower tyre pressures, but it’s the suspension and sidewall support that sets it apart from other inserts on the market. It significantly smoothes out the chatter felt on the trail and allows you to take rougher lines that you may have not even considered before.”

Matt Roe, BMX rider, also uses the CushCore technology, take a look at this video here

Tim Ponting, who raced at the World Cup series In 1997 and is signed with the Animal/Orange mountain bike team is also giving CushCore a go for the 2019 season.  

“My plan is to race all the UK DH nationals including some local races and a few enduros through the year. I will also be at the Malvern hills Bike festival. The masters World championships are in Mount St Anne in Canada this year, which was one of my first ever World cups on the Animal team so I’m hoping to get to that too. I’ve completed in 4 masters World championships and have managed to bag a medal at everyone including the rainbow stripes in 2014!”

Why is there no Bib Mouse for MTB?

So Michelin invented the solid Bib Mousse liner 30 years ago, so why don’t they offer a similar system for MTB? Trust us, over the years Michelin has tried every way of getting a MTB-specific Bib Mousse tyre filler to work, but they’ve found it to be impossible. This being mostly down to the heavier rotational/gyroscopic effects that you don’t tend to notice on a Motorcycle.

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Benefits of CushCore

CushCore suspension system | MTB accessories

Increased Reliability

CushCore provides a smoother ride

A Smoother Ride

CushCore suspension system provides puncture proof riding

Puncture Free Riding

Cushcore offers Superior Cornering

Superior Cornering

CushCore provides improved performance

Improved Performance

CushCore suspension system benefits

Less chance of tubeless punctures

CushCore Videos

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