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Motion Pro is one of the brands we’ve been using from the very start, with a good range of accessories available to buy online, Motion Pro provides the finishing touch to our wheel related products and accessories.

Top selling Motion Pro accessories include:

  • Motion Pro Bead Buddy – Acts as a third hand when mounting a tyre, guiding the tyre down into the rim so less force is required with levers.
  • Motion Pro Light Lock Rim Lock – Its’ unique wedge lock teeth provides added bite for exceptional tyre locking power and the bevelled washer makes a nice seal on the rim, so works very well in conjunction with one of our stainless valves in getting a mousse to seat properly.
  • Motion Pro Rim Protectors – When you have your brand new bike or brand new Talon wheel set, even the most experienced tyre fitter will be hard pressed not to scratch new rims, particularly when fitting a mousse. These are very handy items to keep in your tool box and keep your rims looking sweet!
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  • Motion Pro Light Rim Lock |

    Motion Pro Light Rim Lock

    £17.99 View Product
  • Motion pro protector

    Motion Pro Rim Protectors

    £15.98 View Product
  • Motion pro rim tape

    Motion Pro Self Adhesive Rim Tape

    £9.99 View Product
  • Motion Pro Bead Buddy

    Motion Pro Bead Buddy

    £15.95 View Product
  • Trail bead buddy

    Motion Pro Trail Bead Buddy

    £10.99 View Product
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