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Pod Active is a brand that we’ve been loving for a while now, and whilst we only started stocking online in 2019, we’ve been stocking the Pod Active range in store for many years. For many of our riders, they rely on these motocross knee braces for every race and during training, allowing them to test their limits on every ride.

Why choose Pod Active over cheaper knee braces? 

We tried the cheaper alternatives too, but in all honesty, they just don’t cut it! We found that in many cases, cheaper braces suffer from:

  • Being very restrictive – not allowing you to get the movement you need
  • Not standing the test of time – Pod Active lasts!
  • Cheaper mechanics – you’ll find alternatives will corrode and rust much quicker
  • Less advanced technology – Pod Active uses Human Motion® technology which provides you with progressive, multidirectional motion control

We choose motocross knee braces from Pod Active because:

  • The strength and protection they provide is unbeatable
  • The knee braces are super light
  • They’re easy to transport with the handy kit bag
  • The products are very versatile (knee braces aren’t just for riders!)

Take a look at the videos below and sizing chart for more guidance.

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Pod Active motocross knee brace sizing chart
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