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We are the UK Importer and now have over 3000 Rabaconda users who agree it’s the only Bib-Mousse changer to use.

Now accepted as the number one tyre/Bib Mousse changer, the Rabaconda is used by the factory teams and the world’s best riders.

At Endurotyres, we have supplied most of the Top UK Enduro and MX teams, Team GB ISDE, and influential riding instructors and technician’s across the Country. The ultra light-weight folding design stands sets it apart from other tyre changers, as it stows away in a neat bag whilst in transit, and doesn’t take up room in your workshop in the way traditional bulky mousse boards do.

This is a quality workshop tool that also works equally as well on tube tyres 16″/17″/18”/19”/21” and will pay for itself over a couple of seasons by extending the life of your Bib Mousse, it makes removing and cleaning them after an event as easy as cleaning an air filter.

Enduro Tyres carry a large stock of Rabaconda with FREE next day delivery, and the very unlikely event of a breakage or warranty issue we keep spare parts so offer a full backup. As you would expect we use Rabaconda in our own workshop and when at competitions.

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