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Change of Gas Gas Enduro Distributer For The UK

Change of Gas Gas Enduro Distributer For The UK

Clement Moto Ltd take over from Gas Gas UK as the new distributer for Gas Gas enduro motorcycles in the UK

Gas Gas Motos, SA specialise in two core market sectors, enduro and trial. Within the objectives of a strategic plan to strengthen and consolidate the European market, especially a key market such as the UK, Gas Gas has signed a new agreement to market and distribute enduro motorcycles through Clements Moto Ltd.

The British company has 25 years in the automotive world and 8 years in the business of importing motorcycles. They have created a competitive dealer network and have positioned themselves as a company of sound reputation.

The company are members of the Motorcycle Industry Association(MCIA) within the UK and currently sit on the board of directors. Clements Moto now enters the premium market hand in hand with Gas Gas.

Gas Gas Motos, SA will retain their British importer John Shirt, of Gas Gas Motos Ltd., who will continue in the distribution of Gas Gas trial motorcycles and trial spare parts. 

The mark of Girona wishes to recognise and thank them for their dedicated efforts to position Gas Gas in the Off-Road sector in the UK. With this dual distribution, Gas Gas Motos, SA – a world leader in the manufacture of dirt bikes – wants to consolidate its role as a sales leader in the sport of trial and also establish itself as a clear choice and be competitive in the UK enduro market – where it now has a 5 % share – with a goal of increasing enduro bike sales by 15%, thanks mainly to the EC 300, at this time, the most popular model in the UK market.

Mr John Shirt Jnr: “Although this is hard for me to accept after GGUK has established the GG brand in the UK for 25 years – 17 years with the Enduro – I must however respect the wishes of the GG Factory.

“They have successfully split the importerships in other countries and it has been quite positive regarding sales.

I believe GG now have an excellent Enduro product range and very competitive prices and I hope Clements Moto can reach the level of Enduro sales required by the factory.

“We (GGUK) are still the GG Trials importers and that is never in any doubt. We shall put even more effort into strengthening the brand and increasing sales whereas I hope Clements Moto Ltd will do the same with GG Enduro sales.

“I must sincerely thank my Enduro Dealers over the last 17 years and also the many Enduro Team Riders that have been successful at various levels keeping GG at the forefront of all major competition, which has helped sales. I sincerely wish Danny McCanney all the very best whom we have supported over the past few years. I hope he continues to improve and goes on to win the World championship for Gas Gas.”

Mr Dean Clements: “Clements Moto are delighted to have been appointed Gas Gas Enduro distributors for the UK and Ireland.  Gas Gas is a premium brand with an outstanding Enduro model range and we welcome the opportunity to develop Gas Gas sales.  As we launch the fantastic 2014 model range, there are many changes occurring in the marketplace that will make Gas Gas a very attractive proposition for both owners and dealers.  

“We will be acting swiftly to appoint a dealer network, launch a Gas Gas Enduro specific website and will take the brand to the motorcycles masses at this year’s Motorcycle Live Show [NEC].  

“2014 models will be available in a matter of weeks and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with Gas Gas.”