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Choosing the right MTB tyres for the season & terrain

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees here in the South of England, we’re really feeling the impact that the right tyres have on your riding experience.

There are certain characteristics that you should be looking out for when purchasing your mountain bike tyres, depending on when and where you plan to ride. Are you more of a fair-weather rider? Or are you happy to get out on the trails regardless? 

In this article, we explain some of the characteristics of MTB tyres for various conditions and seasons to help you make your decision.

Dry / Hardpack / Summer 

Our favourite time of the year to ride, but still requires that right compound of tyre to hit a PB everytime. 

This terrain calls for a tyre that provides you with excellent rolling resistance. Whilst grip is important, it’s not as essential as the dry hardpack provides a good footing for the tyre already. 

Tread type: Tall knobs with small gaps 

Tyre we would recommend: Michelin Wild or Michelin DH range 

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Dry / Loose / Rocky

Planning on hitting up some mountain ranges this summer? This kind of riding isn’t for everyone, it can be quite technical and slightly unpredictable, you never know what’s round the corner – literally! 

With this in mind, you need a tyre that will provide an insane amount of grip for those rocky downhill sections and steep uphill climbs, but that will still allow you to pick up speed when there’s an opening. 

Tread type: Widely spaced, large knobs  

Tyre we would recommend: Michelin Rock or Michelin Force  

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Wet / Mud / Winter 

When riding on wet, muddy terrain you need tyres that will help you to not slip or fall on a trail. The tyres need to be able to cut through the muddy top layer and grip onto the hardpack below.

Tread type: You want to be looking for a tyre that has very tall knobs that are spaced a good distance apart as this will help to create a good amount of grip. 

Tyre we would recommend: Michelin Mud 

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Smooth / Hard / Indoor & Outdoor 

We know there is a big market for indoor MTB riding and specifically designed smooth outdoor trails, and you can see them popping up all over the place nowadays. 

For this type of riding you will need a tyre that can take the impact of being pumped up to a high pressure and can cope well on hard smooth terrains at a fast pace. 

Tread type: Relatively shallow compared to other tyres to suit the smooth terrain

Tyre we would recommend: Michelin Pilot Slope

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Want to get your hands on some tyres?

Here at Endurotyres, we stock a wide range of MTB tyres to suit all seasons. Now that you’ve got a better understanding of what you’re looking for you can head on over to our online shop and click that ‘buy now’ button. 

We’re big fans of Michelin, and they’ve proved time and time again that they’re worth it. If you need some more convincing then have a read of some of the articles below, or give us a call on 01723 344782

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