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Choosing the best tyres for trail riding

As a trail rider, you will be used to riding on all kinds of terrains, both on and off road, including hard rocky bridleways and busy roads.

Whether it’s a long distance cross country ride, or a shorter afternoon stint, you need tyres that suit your riding style and are sure to last you longer than a race tyre would.

We often get asked which tyres should be on my radar when choosing the best tyres for trail riding and green laning, at Enduro Tyres, we stock a range of motorcycle trail tyres including those suitable for greenlaners and trail riders. In this article we discuss our favourites and why we would recommend them.

Michelin AC10’s

The go-to for all the Greenlaners out there… as one of the best tyres for trail riding, the Michelin AC10 range provides you with a choice of 5 tyres, including both front and rear options.

So, what is it that makes them one of the best tyres for trail riding?

Key benefits of the Michelin AC10 range include:

  • Impressive durability
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Versatile

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Enduro Mediums

The Enduro Mediums range of tyres is fairly new to Michelin as it was only introduced at the end of last year, it replaces the old Comp 3 and Comp 6  range and has seen huge improvements.

We have found the popularity of this range has been massive due to the fact that they are very versatile tyres, more so than the previous Enduro ranges. Not only can this range be used whilst racing but they’re also great motorcycle trail tyres as they stand the test of time.

Your Enduro Mediums will pack a punch in terms of their performance, providing you with great grip, longevity and improved bib-mousse compatibility. Definitely some  of the best tyres for trail riding.

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Anakee Wild

The Anakee Wild range manages to hit our top 3 best tyres for trail riding as they offer a great solution for adventure riders who enjoy extreme terrains but still want the ability to ride on tarmac roads too. These multi-purpose tyres are available in both front and rear. The Anakee Wild tyres start from just £62.

The Anakee Wild range will suit high capacity bikes for 1 or 2 people and you are likely to see more of the benefits when off road. The cornering capabilities mean you can really push your bike to the next level, whilst you also have the reassurance that they will last.

You can learn more in our spotlight on Anakee Wild guide or buy Anakee Wild tyres online.

Ready to buy your motorcycle trail tyres?

Hopefully, this article has given you a better indication of which motorcycle trail tyres will suit your riding style. However, if you are still undecided on the best tyres for trail riding then get in touch and we can advise you further.

Our team is made up of riders that have been doing this professionally and as a hobby for more years than we can remember, so we understand the importance of getting the best tyre for trail riding and every kind of event.

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