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The 2021 Endurotyres Christmas Gift Guide – Moto and MTB gifts

With Black Friday over for another year, you’ve probably ended up with a few unnecessary Christmas gifts, or perhaps you splurged on something big for yourself (maybe you took advantage of our 1-day only deal). We weren’t all about our Black Friday offer lasting pretty much the whole month like most companies, we kept you waiting!

But with that out of the way, we wanted to give you the ULTIMATE Endurotyres Christmas gift guide. Whether you want to share this with your Mum, Grandma, best mate or partner… It’s the one gift guide you should actually read this year. Plus, if you keep an eye on our social media throughout the month, you may be able to benefit from some winning deals (trust us, you won’t want to miss them!).

Below we’ve compiled a list of moto and MTB products that we’ve all been adding to our lists this year.

So let’s start with the big hitters… the crowd-pleasers… the ones you add every year (and never get)… the first place podium winners

Drum roll please… a Rabaconda

An obvious one to kick start this gift guide. If you don’t have one of these, well then why not? They are our best selling product and for good reason too. If you are planning on taking motorsport seriously in 2022, then get your dirty hands on one of these!

Hint hint… you’ll find a couple of Rabaconda deals coming up during our ‘12 days of Christmas’ deals.

Buy a Rabaconda tyre changer here >>

Pod Active Knee Braces

How many times in the last year have you had any kind of injury from your riding? If the answer is more than one (or even if you’ve been one of the lucky ones and dodged a bullet or two) then you need to get your hands (or your knees) on these braces. They are those premium knee braces that you probably don’t think you need, but honestly, you do!

As they’re not seen as an essential part of your kit, we don’t talk about these enough. So here are some facts:

  • Crafted by layers of military grade carbon fibre sheets
  • Optimised for strength while reducing weight
  • Unbreakable frames (literally, we’ve tested this out too!)
  • Extreme levels of strength, comfort, reliability and performance
  • The Human Motion® technology uses the power of Synthetic Ligaments™ engineered from Vectran Fibres™ to provide progressive, multidirectional motion control (fancy right?)
  • Suitable for multi-sport use
  • Certified as a medical device

Okay enough of the science, basically you NEED these if you take your safety seriously. So go on, treat yo’self, add it to your bag!

Shop Pod Active Knee Braces here >>

One of the many combo deals we offer

This is a real people pleaser because you’ll be getting everything you need in one package and at a fraction of the price because it’s all in one neat bundle. We’ve got combos available on most of our tyre ranges, so just head over to our tyre categories and see what deals you can bag.

We also have a few ‘combo deal deals’ heading into our 12 days of Christmas, so keep an eye for that too! Here are some of our most popular combos available online:

Their favourite tyre

Chances are if you’re close to someone who is an avid motorcycle enthusiast or MTB rider, then you won’t be new to the world of tyre talk… It’s like pillow talk, but better!

And if you have any sense, you’ll have taken note of their favourite tyre, so whether it’s the popular Michelin Enduro Medium, a big ol’ Michelin Anakee or they’re more into Michelin Wild MTB tyres, you can’t go wrong with a stock up for Christmas, it’s an easy win!

Shop some of our tyre categories below:

Some of the more budget friendly stocking fillers…

Move over socks, we want something a bit more exciting in our stockings this year. Here are some Endurotyres gifts under £50…

Bib Mousse Lube

We all need to stock up on lube every now and then (don’t laugh, it’s seriously important for the health of your mousse), so get the very best from Endurotyres. You can buy them singularly, or in a box of 12.

Shop Bib Mousse lube here >>

Rabaconda accessories

You may have heard of the infamous Rabaconda tyre changer that we mentioned at the beginning of this gift guide, but did you know that Rabaconda also has a range of accessories to compliment your tyre changer too?

Shop Rabaconda accessories here >>

Ok, that’s enough, get buying!

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for what to get someone or gifts to put on your own Christmas list. We haven’t included everything, so have a good browse of the website and don’t forget to keep an eye out for those deals being posted on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the product pages, you can call us on 01723 344782 or email us at office@endurotyres.com.

Did you know that we have almost 400 reviews on our Trustpilot page and have achieved 4.9 / 5 stars from our customers? What can we say, our customers love us!

“Needed some advice on a rear tyre, which was expertly provided. Ordering was very easy, prices were good – very happy.” – Keith

Happy riding and see you in 2022 for more off road events!