DAILY DIARY – ISDE 2014 - Enduro Tyres



The 2014 ISDE is finally rolling. Here’s what went down on day one…

parc-ferme-isde-d1 1080

Just under 400 hundred bikes rolled out of the parc Ferme bright and early on day one to start the 89th edition of the ISDE

christophe-nambotin-side-d1 1080

Day one was a battle of the French or more so a battle between Christophe Nambotin and Pela Renet. Nambo’ lead the way from the second special and managed to hold his buddy Renet off for the majority of the day but it wasn’t enough to take the win.

motocross-test ISDE-2014 1465-1080

There’s not a lot of vegetation in this neck of the wood, just an awful lot of rolling mud hills to play on instead

matt-phillips ISDE d1 1080

Can Matt Phillips race a 350f? Yes indeed he can. Hot out of the traps he won the first special test of day one. He dropped down the order to fifth as the day wore on but that’s partly because he’s been on the couch mending his foot since the season ending EWC GP of France.

zac-osborne isde-d1-1080

Day one took a couple of prisoners. USA’s Zach Osborne was one of them. Bike trouble stopped him in his tracks.


Daniel Milner was also another rider not to see day one out.

loic-larrieu isde-d1 1080

Easily the strongest member of the French junior team, Loic Larrieu’s eight overall on day one would have placed him highly among his senior counterparts.

pela-renet isde-d1-1080

He started a little slow but he ended day one bloody fast. Pela Renet picked up the overall win on day one in San Juan.

anthony-boissiere isde-d1 1080

Sand or rock – day one was a case of one or the other. And if the soft loose berms didn’t catch you out then chances were the loose slippery rocks would. Day two is more or less exactly the same – just with added holes and bumps.