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Dakar Quotes – Finish Line Comments 2014

Dakar Quotes – Finish Line Comments 2014
Comments from a handful of this year’s top Dakar performers…
Marc Coma, 1st overall: “These are really strong, personal feelings. It represents a shedload of sacrifices and hard work. It’s an extreme race with ups and downs. Looking back, I remember being unable to start last year’s race. And yet I’m here now, I’ve won. I’d like to thank those around me who made this comeback possible. Every time I win this rally, I say I’m going to savour it. I’ll do it with my loved ones, my family. I don’t know if I’ll ever win it again. I’ll try, I’ll work hard for it, but it’s a very complicated rally.”

Jordi Viladoms, 2nd overall: “I’m overwhelmed. It’s a big thing for me, especially after the year I went through. I’m over the moon with this result.”

Oliver Pain 3rd overall: “This edition was filled with emotions and had a difficult first week. I gave it my all throughout the second week… and I achieved my objective, a podium place. I’d prepared for it, but the field was strong. I was 40 minutes behind the podium on the rest day, and I spent all week long thinking of this. I inched closer to Jordi bit by bit, and then I benefitted from Joan’s bad luck yesterday. Then I had to see off Cyril… It was never easy. I wasn’t nervous this morning, just looking forward to the finish.”

Joan Barreda: “Losing the podium yesterday after my crash was one of the worst experiences I ever made. I was in despair to reach the finish line in the time to keep my runner-up position, but everything was against me. Overall, the race was a very good and important experience, I tried everyday my best, maybe yesterday too much. I am happy to have reached the finish line now and can go home with a bag of achievements, and a lot of input where I still can improve and come back stronger.”

“Chavo” Salvatierra: “It was a great experience, one to remember forever. We are all happy to have successfully mastered the race. Many thanks to the whole team and the sponsors. We were well supported and thanks to Speedbrain for this top bike.”

Paolo Ceci: “This Dakar brought new challenges everyday. It was brutal. Now we´re celebrating our finish. I´m especially delighted having been able to up my pace considerably towards the end, scoring a top twenty result. Thanks to the whole team.”

Pedro Oliviera: “I´m really glad we´re here at the finish. This ranks among the toughest things I ever had to endure. I´m totally satisfied with my 24th place overall.”