Dec Bullock - World Championship Round 3 Andorra: 15th – 16th June 2013 - Enduro Tyres

Dec Bullock – World Championship Round 3 Andorra: 15th – 16th June 2013

It was a return of the World Trials Championship to the first of the European rounds in Andorra for round three. The Two day competition took place in very hot conditions where the riders competed over two laps of eighteen sections.


“This has been one of my hardest competitions ever to finish today as I broke one of my toes on my right foot very early on the first lap. I had to dig very deep into my reserves to finish the lap but with the support from my brother Sam who is also my minder and the team I finished with a score of twenty two. They encouraged me to continue and I parted with thirty three on the second lap disappointed I had not made the top five”.


“We had managed to control the swelling on the broken toe and despite the pain on the second lap I came home in seventh place with two consistent lap scores of sixteen and eighteen and so not all was lost as I scored some more valuable points”.


“The objective before next weekend’s competition in Spain is to rest the foot and see how the broken toe heals but for sure I will compete and try to break into the top five positions as I need the points to try and push into the top five in the overall championship standings”.


“It’s a big thank you to the team for getting me through the weekend and also to the sponsors for their valued support”.


Results RD 3 Andorra – Day 1

Youth -1: Carles Quentin (Beta-FRA) 30; 2: Gabriele Giarba (Beta-ITA) 32; 3: Pietro Petrangeli (Gas Gas-ITA) 38; 4: Ignacio Fernandez (Gas Gas-ESP) 45; 5: Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas-CZE) 46; 6: Bradley Cox (Beta-GBR) 47; 7: Kenny Thomas (Beta-FRA) 53; 8: Timo Myohanen (Beta-FIN) 54;9: Dec Bullock (Beta-GBR) 55;10: Marek Wunsch (Gas Gas-CZE) 85.


Results RD 3 Andorra – Day 2

Youth -1: Carles Quentin (Beta-FRA) 5; 2: Timo Myohanen (Beta-FIN) 22; 3: Gabriele Giarba (Beta-ITA) 25; 4: Bradley Cox (Beta-GBR) 26; 5: Kenny Thomas (Beta-FRA) 26; 6: Pietro Petrangeli (Gas Gas-ITA) 28;7: Dec Bullock (Beta-GBR) 34;8: Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas-CZE) 34; 9: Marco Fioletti (Beta-ITA) 49; 10: Ignacio Martin (Gas Gas-ESP) 47.


Championship Positions:

1: Quentin 109; 2: Cox 86; 3: Giarba 84; 4: Thomas 78; 5: Petrangeli 72; 6: Myohanen 70; 7: Matejicek 64;8: Dec Bullock (Beta-GBR) 49;9: Fernandez 37; 10: Martin 37.

Trials Media – Lisa Reeves