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Enduro Inner Tubes vs Bib Mousse

What is the difference between Michelin bib mousse and traditional enduro inner tubes? Both bib mousse and enduro inner tubes are used by riders in all sorts of situations, ranging

What is the difference between Michelin bib mousse and traditional enduro inner tubes?

Both bib mousse and enduro inner tubes are used by riders in all sorts of situations, ranging from competitive FIM events to leisurely green lane riding. Ultimately they both serve the same purposes of protecting your tyres from suffering punctures and enhancing the overall performance of your bike.

Bib mousse

Michelin bib mousse is a solid foam mousse ring that is inserted into the tyre of your dirt bike. With the Mousse being solid and not containing any air, even if a sharp object penetrates the tyre and mousse, it makes no difference to the feel or handling of the bike. This durability has enabled many riders to finish events with sections of the tyre torn off and the Bib Mousse exposed. When fitting a bib mousse you should use the genuine Michelin Mousse gel to provide anti-friction which will help in prolonging the life of the bib mousse.

Bib mousse can also be versatile. Whilst there are recommended mousses to fit each size of tyre, if a rider wants to replicate a lower pressure tyre they can fit their tyres with a smaller diameter mousse. This combination will be well suited to a particularly obstacle-ridden terrain.

“For the best performance, we suggest that Michelin bib mousse is only used in genuine Michelin motorcycle tyres. Other tyres may be at increased risk of friction and wear.”

Enduro inner tubes

Enduro inner tubes are made from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber, coming in a variety of thickness. All of our enduro inner tubes are heavy duty but 4mm ultra heavy duty tubes are available for times when puncture prevention is most important.

You should choose the size enduro inner tubes so that they sit flush against the tyre sidewall. This will give the best performance and your inner tube will be at less risk of pinching or unwanted wearing. For added peace of mind, you can use Bib Mousse gel to reduce friction between tyre and tube and help prevent pinch flats.

Which to choose?

Bib mousse shouldn’t be used if you are going to be riding for prolonged periods at high speed on the road. Fast road riding is bad for your bib mousse because it causes a massive amount of friction, drastically reducing its lifespan. However, if you are a racer or a serious trail rider, Bib Mousse is the ONLY sensible option.

The fitting technique needs to be learnt and we highly recommend the industry leading Rabaconda tyre changer as used by all the World’s top teams and riders. Most riders can master the art of fitting a mousse in under ten minutes and with practice can end up being able to change mousse quicker than a traditional inner tube.

Enduro inner tubes can obviously be inflated to whatever pressure the rider desires within reason and don’t require any specific ongoing maintenance. Less experienced riders mistakenly feel that very low tyre pressures equate to extra grip on muddy events, in fact the outcome can be the exact opposite. Pro riders tend to prefer a firm front tyre (+Mousse) with a slightly softer rear tyre (+ Mousse) in the mud.

The ability to keep the rear wheel spinning and free from packing with mud, is a basic technique to be learnt at Enduro training school, rather than over thinking tyre pressure!

If you would like any further information about our enduro inner tubes or Michelin bib mousses please get in contact with us by calling 01723 344782.