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Enduro21 Visits Fox Head Europe With Taddy

Enduro21 Visits Fox Head Europe With Taddy

To celebrate Taddy Blazusiak’s incredible success in endurocross, Fox Head Europe invited Enduro21 to their headquarters in Spain to check out their new poster.

It’s not everyday you get a life-size poster of yourself decorating the entrance to Fox Head Europe, but if you’ve won five straight AMA EnduroCross Championships and then backed that up with five consecutive SuperEnduro World Championships that’s exactly what happens!

A Fox athlete since 2009, Blazusiak – also on hand to check out the poster and sign a few autographs – was pretty pumped with it.

“It looks so cool – it’s huge, I want one for my house,” laughed Taddy. “I’m really proud to be part of the Fox family and when they do things like this it’s awesome. I love it.”

With the poster checked out, we also took a little bit of time to take a nosy around Fox Head Europe. And while we can’t show you too much of their showroom – they were busy setting out their 2015 stall – there were heaps of cool memorabilia to look at.

To join in with the celebrations, Enduro21 are launching a special competition. If you’d like to get your hands on a signed poster but also a once-off, unique Taddy Blazusiak autographed SuperEnduro championship winning T-Shirt then head over to our Enduro21 Facebook page and get involved!