Endurotyres Xmas Gift Guide – Save ££ with our 12 Days of Xmas

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Endurotyres Xmas Gift Guide – Save ££ with our 12 Days of Xmas

Struggling to find a gift for the motocross or MTB rider in your life? You’ve come to the right place. During the course of December, we are offering our best

Struggling to find a gift for the motocross or MTB rider in your life? You’ve come to the right place. During the course of December, we are offering our best deals on some of our most popular off road products. From stocking fillers, to money off the bigger buys, Endurotyres have got you covered.

In this article, we’ve touched on what our top off road Xmas purchases are, and what to expect from our 12 days of Xmas deals (although you will have to wait for each deal to be revealed via our Facebook page).

Stocking fillers

All our stocking fillers are priced under £50, and some of our favourites include:

  • Rabaconda mat – if the person you’re gifting already has a Rabaconda, this is the perfect gift to accompany it!
  • Limited edition tee – look on point trackside with a limited edition Endurotyres.com tshirt.
  • Motion Pro Bead Buddy – made using durable 6061 aluminum, the Bead Buddy acts as a third hand when mounting a tyre, guiding the tyre down into the rim so less force is required with levers.
  • Etnies Shoes – you may be surprised to hear we also stock shoes online, the Etnies Marana shoes use Michelin rubber on the soles, and are currently on offer for just £49.99… BARGAIN!

View all our stocking fillers online here >>

Big buys

Now we’re talking about those gifts that you wouldn’t just buy anyone… you probably really care about them if you’re happy to splash out on these products. So with that in mind, here are our top 5 ‘big buys’.

Michelin Medium & Bib Mousse combo deal – by far our most popular Michelin motorcycle tyres, we’ve put together 6 combo deals which include the Michelin Mediums and Michelin Bib Mousse, plus some other bits chucked in too. (We’d recommend combo 5 if you want to take your gifting to the next level)

Buy here >>

Rabaconda tyre changer with service kit – the ultimate Rabaconda deal includes the tyre changer and the service kit, so you’ll have everything you need for your pit stop.

Buy here >>

Pod Active knee braces – knee braces should be used for any high impact sport so are suitable for both our moto and extreme MTB riders, you wouldn’t ride without protecting your head, so why go out without protecting your knees too? Pod Active is our go-to brand for this due to the reliability and insane technology they use.  You can learn more about the brand here.

Buy here >>

Michelin Tracker combo deal – the Michelin Tracker range has been a firm favourite for riders that require an off road tyre for all sorts of events such as Enduro, green laning and trail riding, the Michelin Tracker combo deals give you both the front and rear tyres at a discounted price.

Buy here >>

CushCore pair – our CushCore pair comes in various sizes and includes genuine CushCore valves, making installation much simpler and quicker. If you’re a keen mountain bike rider, this is an essential piece of kit that creates an inner-tyre suspension system to help reduce punctures, and improve performance.

Buy here >>

Save ££ with our 12 days of Xmas

We’re not going to give all our deals away before they’ve been announced, but every other day up until 20th December, you can get your hands on some discounted products! Here are just a few products that you’ll be able to save some money on during the month:

MTB gear – as you probably know, we’re not just about moto riding, we also stock a wide range of Michelin MTB tyres and accessories. You’ll probably spot a few deals that will include some of these bestsellers:

  • CushCore tyre suspension system – this product really is a must-have for many of our MTB riders, providing improved performance on the trail, and keeping you puncture-free for longer. You can read our full review on the CushCore here, or pick one up here.
  • Dynaplug – a perfect stocking filler, the Dynaplug is a small MTB accessory you can chuck in your rucksack to keep those pesky punctures at bay. Not only is it small and lightweight but it’s effective and long-lasting, allowing you to easily repair your puncture without removing your tyre. Win-win! Check out the Dynaplug here.
  • Tubeless service kit – don’t risk a dodgy ride, by having your Endurotyres MTB service kit handy, you’ll be well prepared for any disaster. Our service kit includes 3x plastic easy fit tyre levers, 1x tubeless rim tape, tubeless valves, doc blue tyre sealant, easy fit fluid and bib-up mounting spray. Take a look here.

Rabaconda tyre changer – we couldn’t do a Xmas deal without including our best selling Rabaconda tyre changer. Did you know we’ve sold over 2000 of them to riders in the UK? That’s a lot of people who are relying on the Rabaconda to change their tyre. In fact, if you go to any major off road event, whether it’s Enduro, Trial or Adventure, you’ll find most riders using this piece of equipment. Don’t wait for a deal to appear as they go quickly… shop Rabaconda products here.

Michelin motorcycle tyres – it’s what we’re famous (kind of) for, so it would be rude to not include some of our Michelin motorcycle tyres. From the extremely popular Michelin Mediums to the Michelin Aankee Adventure tyres, we’ve probably got it covered in one of our deals.

You can view all our deals as they go live by visiting this page >>

Want some advice?

We know that buying for someone at Xmas can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know much about their sport, but this is where our team of moto and MTB experts can come in. Just give us a call on 01723 344782 and we can help you come up with the perfect gift this Xmas.