Everything you need to know about the 2018 4th generation Rabaconda

Everything you need to know about the 2018 4th generation Rabaconda

What is a Rabaconda mousse tyre changer?

Rabaconda is the most advanced enduro tyre changer and is accepted as the world’s best mousse tyre changer by many professional riders and teams (including us!).

It is number 1 because of its ultra lightweight compact design, the time savings it provides and how easy it is to assemble, use and pack away.

Did you know? The current record for changing a tyre using a Rabaconda is 44 seconds! Can you beat it? See the video here.

What’s changed?

The recently released 2018 4th generation Rabaconda has seen some great improvements with new features that include:

  • New rubber feet for improved grip on all surfaces4th generation rabaconda
  • 3 new standing points for better stability
  • New tyre lever tray
  • New spindle chamfer for fixing larger hub bearing adapters
  • Improved tube caps riveted to the feet
  • Larger flange nuts for stronger fixings
  • Pre-assembled quick lever bolts

How can I buy the new 4th generation Rabaconda tyre changer?

Endurotyres.com are the UK’s leading distributor of Rabaconda products and we are now selling the newest version of the Rabaconda mousse changer.

You can buy it now and have it tomorrow* by calling one of the team direct on 01723 344782. Alternatively visit our eBay site. Being riders ourselves, we would highly recommend this product, so if you’re in the area and want to test one out, just pop in!

‘Seriously impressive piece of kit, so glad I bought this.’

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