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Everything you need to know about the NEW M14 Michelin Bib Mousse

Everytime Michelin makes a change to such a key product, it always crosses the back of our minds whether the change is required and if will it benefit the user, the manufacturer or both?

The new larger M14 Michelin Bib Mousse has some definite improvements, and we couldn’t wait to receive the first shipment to test it out! In fact, we didn’t need to wait, we headed straight up to Wales to see if it could really live up to what Michelin was saying it would do.

We were not disappointed!  M14 Bib Mousse testing

So, what are the improvements to the M14?

One massive improvement is that it doesn’t require breaking in, saving you time by allowing you to go straight into a special test. It will also last considerably longer than the old M14 Bib Mousse, this is due to the combination choice of materials that are in this larger one.

Why is the M14 larger?

To improve the longevity of the Bib Mousse, they didn’t compromise in terms of other aspects of the new Bib Mousse, and after testing we found that by increasing the size approximately 30mm it would fit perfectly in the new Medium Enduro tyres.

How can I tell the difference?

Unfortunately, Michelin have decided to keep the name exactly the same, including the product code. However, they have changed the box, so instead of the usual cardboard box, the new larger Bib Mousse is packed in a blue and white box. M14 Bib Mousse box

Will it fit the tyre that my old Bib Mousse did?

The new Bib Mousse has been manufactured to fit the Medium Enduro 140/80/18 tyre and will therefore not fit the discontinued comp 3 or comp 6 tyres.  

Want to order the new Bib Mousse?

The new Bib Mousse is available to purchase, here. Don’t forget to add the Bib Mousse Gel, tyre levers and Enduro Medium tyre to your basket at the same time.

Not ready to make the change yet to the new Michelin Medium rear enduro tyre? Michelin have discontinued the old M14 Bib Mousse, so we have bought the last production run specifically for our customers who for whatever reason prefer different makes of tyre, this is still available to purchase here.

The larger Bib Mousse is going to make a massive difference to riders performance, with the correct tyre, this Mousse will last much longer and since doing some testing in Wales, we’ve really noticed a difference in muddy terrains compared to the other M14 Mousse. – Alan Ranger, MD of Enduro Tyres

Still unsure? Get in touch…

All our FAQ’s are on the dedicated new Michelin Bib Mousse page, however, if you still have unanswered questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team by calling us on 01980 65 55 55, or via our contact page here.