EWC GP of Catalunya – SuperTest Breakdown - Enduro Tyres

EWC GP of Catalunya – SuperTest Breakdown

EWC GP of Catalunya – SuperTest Breakdown

Friday is SuperTest day at the EWC GP of Catalunya. Here’s the stuff you need to know…

Christophe Nambotin is fast on a 250f but not yet as fast as his teammate Cristobal Guerrero – he’s top Enduro 1.

Johnny Aubert is at the least as equally fast on his Beta as he was on his KTM. He leads Enduro 2

Mathias Bellino was impressive through the triple-triple log matrix. He topped Enduro 3.

mathias.bellino ewc spain 2014 1080

Just over one second separate the top five in E3. In a sea of two strokes led by one four-stroke – Bellino – it’s gonna be close. We’re betting the Frenchman is smiling tonight.

Every year an unknown arrives in the Junior class and surprises everyone. Will Sweden’s Tommy Sjostrom be that guy? Currently leading the Junior class we’ll find out tomorrow evening.

Jane Daniels picked up where she left off in France last year and leads the Women’s class.

junior ewc spain 2014 MG 9449-1080

Crashes… oh, boy there was plenty of them. More than a handful of riders ‘forget’ about easing themselves into the new season. At least one of the main contenders in every category ate Spanish dirt here’s the list:

Alex Salvini slipped off on the tyres. Not ideal when your nursing a broken finger.

Laia Sanz also messed up on those tyres too. Up until that point she had the test in the bag. Seems she’s learned how to jump too.

Loic Larrieu was seeing stars after his monster get-off in the Junior class. He over jumped the first triple in the log matrix and nosedived into the second set, which skittled him spectacularly down the track. A half dozen crashes later and his bell well rung he crossed the finish line. Fingers crossed he’s Ok for tomorrow – this one was pretty big to dust off.

loic.larrieu ewc spain 2014

Jamie McCanney also ate dirt. Then Jonathan Barragan crashed in the exact same spot Jamie told him not too.

Albin Elowson cart wheeled spectacularly.

Bel-Ray Husqvarna Factory Racing have their fair share of dirt kit to wash.

jamie.mccanney ewc spain 2014 1080

In other news Spain adores Laia Sanz.

They love Ivan Cervantes too.

And they also like Taddy Blazusiak who came up to Solsona to watch.

Also we don’t yet fully understand the new SuperTest scoring.

Roll on Day 1…

junior ewc spain 2014 MG 9449-1080