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EWC GP of Finland – Day Two Breakdown

EWC GP of Finland – Day Two Breakdown

The GP of Finland signs off in style with close racing in tough conditions. Here’s the breakdown from day two…

– Christophe Nambotin restored the Enduro 1 pecking order on day two. Miffed with his many mistakes from day one, Nambo kept it all together on day two to win while this time it was Eero Remes – who led on lap one – that did the crashing.

– A bit of a trend has emerged in E1 during the past four races. Up front the battle for the win has between Nambo and Remes while the fight for third is with Cristobal Guerrero and the Sherco duo of Jeremy Tarroux and Anthony Boissiere. This time around it was Guerrero who made it onto the podium.

– Happy but equally gutted at the same time is how Johnny Aubert summed up his day. Victory was there for his taking – so close he could almost taste the champagne. Unfortunately Lady Luck bit hard on the penultimate test and a 22-second lead turned into an 18-second deficit. Aubert’s getting there though – he’ll put that Beta on the top step of the E2 podium soon enough.


– We’re not sure what Jonathan Barragan eats for breakfast on day two but he always comes out swinging. Claiming his debut test win he held on to finish fifth in E2 behind Oriol Mena.

– It’s three Enduro 3 wins on the bounce for Matt Phillips. He keeps getting stronger and stronger.

– The Women’s class was a tale of two halves. In the morning Jane Daniels had etched out a 42-second lead for herself until a crash on the second enduro test put paid to that. Gladly capitalising on Daniels loss, Laia Sanz took control of the lead and checked out to win by one-minute.

– Loic Larrieu finally put his recent injuries behind him and gave Danny McCanney a serious run for it in the Enduro Junior ranks. Missing the win by half a second, Larrieu is getting back to his best.

– Tip of the hat to Oliver Nelson. Three special test wins and third in EJ. Finland’s been good to the Swede who races at home next weekend.

– After what’s been an injury riddled start to his year, Jamie McCanney had the speed to succeed but not the stamina. Finland beat him up real good, but once his fitness gets back on track expect the 2013 125 Youth Cup world champ back on the podium.

– The GP of Finland put enduro back into the EWC. A tough race but a good one – everyone got their money’s worth. The enduro test was a proper forestry test while the extreme test was mostly natural. And of course the deep sandy cross test was just plain fun. Top marks to the organisers… a proper enduro!


– This time it was Pela Renet who took the unofficial scratch – but only just! Finishing less than one second behind, Nambotin was the runner-up. Aubert – hampered with his crash – slotted into third. Matt Phillips was fourth while day one winner Eero Remes dropped back to fifth.

– Wouldn’t be right to sign off without an update on Antoine Meo. He’s spending Sunday night in hospital (as he did on Saturday) just so docs can keep an eye on him. With rib and hand fractures, he also has a busted wrist that we believe is going to need surgery. Get well soon Antoine.

That’s about it for Finland. We’re off to neighbouring Sweden next weekend for round five…