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EWC GP of Portugal – Day Two Breakdown

EWC GP of Portugal – Day Two Breakdown

The juicy bits from day two in Portugal…

Everybody but Antoine Meo thought that Pela Renet had day two wrapped up. But it’s never over until it’s over – something Renet just found out the hard way. Mistakes from the Husqvarna rider and a ridiculously fast final extreme test from Meo let victory swing his way.

At least Renet’s got four weeks until Greece to figure out where he went wrong. But hat’s off to both Frenchman… a great battle to the very end of the day.

pela.renet 1080

Two podiums on the bounce for the injured Salvini proves he’s getting better. We’re guessing this time last month he wasn’t expecting that.

So Jonathan Barragan does get faster on day two! Nearly matching his fourth place from day two last weekend, he bagged himself another top five result with fifth.

Random fact – E2’s top five are all former MXGP riders. But the GP of Portugal weren’t no motocross race.

jonathan.barragan 1080

Cervantes is the new Enduro 3 Nambotin. Four wins on the bounce for the Spaniard. Think he’s pleased about that fact following four years with no EWC title? Damn right he is.

After Cervantes it’s still a lottery to predict the rest of the top five. Today it was Matti Seistola, Matt Phillips, Luis Correia and then Mathias Bellino. Kind of like day one – but different.

Hat tip to Simone Albergoni – the oldest rider in the EWC paddock. Seventh in E3.

With trials like sections on the extreme test, Portugal wasn’t the place for injured limbs. Joakim Ljunggren’s busted knee from Catalunya left him calling it an early day.

ivan.cervantes 1080

The good news for Christophe Nambotin is that he’s finding his four-stroke mojo. He’s now up to third in Scratch. The bad news for his Enduro 1 rivals is that he’s also 80 seconds faster than they are.

Day two Scratch – Meo, Renet, Nambotin, Cervantes and Seistola.

Of the 78 riders that started the GP of Portugal only four were from Portugal. Quite a few less finished it!