The GP of Sweden is a wrap for 2014. Here’s what went down on day two…

– Not one rider finished day two feeling anything but wiped out! With day one leaving most feeling properly tired, day two offered nothing in the way of any kind of let up. With four laps, and four tests each lap, it was a race in which to finish first, first you had to finish… and plenty didn’t.

– The GP of Sweden won’t be forgotten by Husqvarna for a while, as they topped four podium’s on day two. Pela Renet won again in E2, Mathias Bellino put his four-stroke at the top of E3, Jane Daniels topped the Women’s class while Albin Elowson won the 125cc Youth class. Not bad going from the Husky guys n’ gals.

– KTM’s E1 and E3 winners from day one were unable to do the double. Nambotin was forced to take the ‘chicken’ line on the extreme test early in the day, having fallen just meters from a big rock step. He wasn’t impressed with himself, placed second, but remains at the head of the E1 championship. Phillips, well, he kinda ran out of steam but lead the E3 series standings.

– Ivan Cervantes was forced to stop after the day’s opening test. Was he gutted? Damn right he was. Arriving at last weekend’s GP of Finland as E3 championship leader, he heads home to Spain 19 points behind team-mate Matt Phillips with two rounds to go. Hat’s off to Ivan for giving his all.

 EWC-2014-Rnd-5 2200

– With six test wins Eero Remes again gave TM plenty to be happy about. Out of sorts on day one, the pint-sized Finn got his shit together on day two, and took full advantage of an off day by Christophe Nambotin, to win. Remes again proved to be the only rider with an answer to Nambo’s speed.

– Pela Renet (E2) and Albin Elowsson (EY) were the only two riders who won on day two having topped their respective class on day one.

– Speaking of Renet. Wow! Hardly putting a food wrong throughout the whole weekend he topped the unofficial overall result on day two, and by some margin.

– Jane Daniels did what she should have done on day two in Finland, and that’s top the Women’s class. Laia Sanz got the job done on day one, but Jane showed she’s also capable of topping the podium… just 12 points separate Laia and Jane with one event – the GP of France – remaining for the Women.

– Another unofficial scratch win for Renet. And with Aubert and Salvini second and third E2 were top dog on day two. Remes was fourth fastest with Bellino fifth. Big props to Danny McCanney in sixth!

Finally, a note of congratulations to the event organisers. The GP of Sweden was a top quality race. Anything but easy for the riders, it was organised with passion and precision… 

timing EWC-2014-Rnd-5 2345