CushCore - Enduro Tyres

Yes most definitely, it completely changes your ride and from our experience and speaking to riders, your performance on the trails will be positively impacted almost immediately.

No, once you get the hang of it, the CushCore is quick and easy to install – and you will be installing far less of these than you would inner tubes!


You can run a lower tyre pressure when you have CushCore installed, around 1-5 psi less than your standard tyre pressure. 

There are different sizes available in the CushCore to match your tyre size. 

This isn’t a one size fits all answer, as the CushCore longevity will depend on various factors when you’re on the trails. Take into account riding frequency, tyre pressure, terrain, and riding style.

Unlike a standard inner tube, you’re not filling your tyres will a constant tube of air, so a flat tyre isn’t going to be instant.