Michelin Enduro Medium - Enduro Tyres

The Michelin Enduro Medium rear tyre is actually excellent on hard ground. Riders are often amazed at the performance, and how long the tyres last, so there are no plans for a harder rear tyre.

The front 90/100/21 Michelin Medium tyre is actually excellent on hard ground, a new “hard” version of this is due spring 2020 so we will have both 90/90-21 and 90/100-21 hard options, this could be a longer lasting front tyre on big enduro bikes in dry conditions, even an alternative to Desert front for rally racers!

They can add grip when the tyre is new and help to show the slow wear rate, but it is more cosmetic than performance orientated.

The quick answer is no! You must stick to the correct Michelin Bib Mousse size for your Michelin Medium tyre (the older Michelin Comps were sized differently internally), however, now the M18 or M14 Michelin Mousses are a perfect fit for the 120 or 140 Medium respectively, so for smaller bikes (125cc and 250cc) you can fit 120/90/18 Medium with an M18 / 120 Bib Mousse, on larger bikes, go for the 140/80/18 Medium with M14 /140 Mousse.

Trust us, they require no extra bedding in – just ask any BEC rider!
The exception to this is the new Enduro Xtrem rear tyre in one size only 140/80/18, we suggest using the M14 /140 Bib Mousse for ultra Extreme events. If you need even more grip with the Xtrem, it’s possible to go to the smaller M18 /120 Mousse, but this will seriously limit the life of the tyre and Bib Mousse.

Yes! Their tyres and mousse come straight from our daily stock. Once the Xtrem tyres become available this will be a production tyre used by all the Factory teams. Feel free to closely examine any tyre or Bib Mousse they use at events and don’t be afraid to ask them for tyre advice.

Yes of course! We stock genuine Michelin heavy-duty tubes, or ultra heavy duty (UHD) 4mm thick tubes as an alternative to Bib Mousse. On Enduro medium tyres, using regular inner tubes is fine, but on the new Xtrem tyres, we recommend you use the appropriate Bib Mousse.

Good question, the Michelin Starcross 5 MX tyre available in 18″ rear is a great Cross Country Hare and Hounds tyre for short lap events with wide-open fields mud and sand etc. But, for traditional forestry-type riding, ie roots, rocks, grass or mud, we always suggest Enduro Mediums, with their lower tread blocks and more flexible sidewalls in conjunction with a Bib Mousse.

Due to the incredibly technical compound of the tyre and the lower numbers produced, it’s priced higher than its sister tyre, the Michelin Medium at £99.64 + delivery.

Well, the answer is that the tyre conforms to the FIM specifications on 13mm tread block height when new, but FIM guidelines do actually allow that if the competition does not include any public road open to members of the public then there is no need for road legality. The key point is the maximum 13mm tread block height when new. This is why the FIM have had no issues with approving brands of super soft extreme tyres, all of which are NHS non-road legal tyres, even for international extreme events. Just be aware that if your enduro event includes a section of open public road such as a UK BEC round, then, your bike and your tyres must be road legal and so the Enduro Medium remains the best tyre for you. Obviously, the Xtrem is super soft so should not be used in any situation that includes road/fire road work.

Good question. The Michelin Starcross 5 MX tyre, available in 18″ rear, is a great Cross Country Hare and Hounds tyre. The soft option is fantastic on rocks and extreme type.

For traditional Forestry type going, ie roots, rocks, grass or mud, we always suggest Enduro Medium; with its lower tread blocks you can’t go wrong. The Starcross 5 Medium is better suited to enduro and H&H conditions, soft when run at low pressures and with mixed conditions can wear fast and lose knobbles – it does have to be really sloppy going to beat the Enduro Medium.