Michelin StarCross 6 - Enduro Tyres

For the time being, SC 5 will still be available until we run out of stock, after that period, we will be discontinuing the old SC 5 range and only stocking SC 6.

Simply put, you don’t need it. The StarCross 6 Medium/Soft and Sand front tyre will do the job!

The simple answer is no! The internal structure of the new tyres is perfectly matched to the Michelin Bib Mousse range. The sizing varies massively in other brands of mousse which can dramatically affect the wear rate, performance and handling of the tyre. Michelin has spent countless hours developing the tyre and Mousse to work together as a package, so why would you fit a lesser quality performing Mousse.

Yes of course! We stock genuine Michelin heavy-duty tubes, or ultra heavy duty (UHD) 4mm thick tubes as an alternative to Bib Mousse. On Enduro medium tyres, using regular inner tubes is fine, but on the new Xtrem tyres, we recommend you use the appropriate Bib Mousse.

Yes, most definitely! The StarCross 6 range is born to be on podiums!

No, they are not road legal, if you are looking for a road-legal MX/Enduro tyre, you may want to look at the Michelin Tracker range.