Michelin Tracker - Enduro Tyres

To be honest, the Michelin AC10 was getting a bit long in the tooth, the Michelin Tracker range uses much more up-to-date technologies and shares a lot of similarities to the benchmark Michelin Medium Enduro tyre that was released last year.

If you have an Enduro KTM / Husqvarna or GasGas bike, head along to Ady Smiths’ training day and he will swap wheels so you can test Michelin Tracker back to back against Michelin Enduro mediums.

Don’t forget these are MX (road legal) tyres and the width is measured at the level base of the tread blocks, while on an Enduro tyre, it’s measured by the overall dimension at the widest point which is the top of the tread blocks.

Confused? Yes so are we!
Basically, a 120 Tracker will be the equivalent of a 140 FIM Enduro tyre (so stick with an M18 /120 Mousse).

So, if a 120 Tracker is as wide as a 140 Enduro, why make a 140 Tracker and who’s that for? The 140 tracker is really for a 3.5” rim so better for big trail bikes like 690-701, yes you can fit it to your 350-450 Enduro bike but it will give it a more rounded profile.

Yes, trail riders are the main target, with the tyre being UK road legal, if local race events don’t specify FIM tyres, they will be good for this and cheaper.

Yes, there are three 19” sizes available and they’re ideal if you need to get an MOT on an MX bike.

The tread pattern is all new and you can see similarities’ shared with the Enduro Mediums.