Pod Active - Enduro Tyres

Simply put, protecting your knees is (almost) as important as protecting your head.

  • The K8 uses a forged carbon frame as opposed to the K4 which uses an impact-modified composite frame. K8 offers full resistance against impacts.
  • The K8 has a longer warranty (5 years vs 2 years on the K4).
  • The K8 is available in 4 sizes, whereas the K4 is available in 5 sizes including a youth size.
  • The K8 has 1 colour combination, the K4 has 2 colour combinations.

There is a size guide on each of the product pages which will help you measure correctly so you choose the right brace. If you are local to our head office, you are welcome to pop in and we can get you measured properly.

Warm, soapy water should do the trick!

  • 2 years for the K4 
  • 5 years for the K8